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Tape - 26th of August 2005
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No transcript of this tape is necessary. It all speaks for itself.

Tape - 12th of August 2005
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First Segment
Symone remembers sitting on the railing before she fell.

Second Segment
Symone talks about the benefit concert being put on for her.

Third Segment
Symone misses being home and talks about her future when she is better.

Fourth Segment
Symone talks about the feeling in her brain, saying that "it feels like its moving"

Fifth Segment
Symone expresses her gratitude for all the love and care she is receiving.

Sixth Segment:
Symone talks about Dad's love of Star Trek.

Seventh Segment:
Symone talks to her Auntie Annie and says she is proud to be related.

Eight Segment:
Symone asks about Annie's students and asks to be introduced to a cute male student.

Ninth Segment:
Symone jokes around saying how can anyone be normal if they grew up with David!

Tenth Segment:
Symone says hello to all the people visiting her website and jokes around saying they don't have to be obsessed!


Tape - 9th of August 2005
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First Segment
David: "I'm here for 2-3 hours."
Symone: "OK. Thank you so much."
David: "Oh sweetie you don't have to thank me."
Symone: "I'm so scared without you."
David: "Oh well, I'm here now sweetheart. You don't have to worry."
Symone: "I love you."
David: "Oh, I love you too very much."
Symone: "Good. I really do love you."
David: "Oh, I know sweetie. I really do love you too."
Symone: "That's great. I can't wait to see you again."
David: "Oh well, here I am. You go out to Rehab tomorrow."
Symone: "For how long?"
David: "For three months. They're there to make you better. Teach you how to walk again."
Symone: "Really?"
David: "Yeah."

Second Segment
David: "Its going to be so great. They're going to make you so much better."
Symone: "Really? That's good."
David: "They can get you all ready to come back home again."
Symone: "OK then. So what time do I leave, about 5 in the morning."
David: "No, half past 9 in the morning. I'll be here."
(Friend walks in)
Symone: "Do youse know each other."
Friend; "Yes I do know your Dad."
Symone: "That's Jarrad."
David: "Yeah I know."
Friend: "Bubbles is back."
David: "Bubbles is back. Is that your nickname? Bubbles?"
Symone: "I think so."
Friend: "It is whether you like it or not now."
Symone: "It is. I can't get away from it."

Third Segment
Friend: "Sleep well. I'll see you very soon."
Symone: "I will be good."
Friend: "You'll be walking."
Symone: "Yes, real soon and I'll be very rich and famous."
David: "You are already famous. I did a radio interview about you today to the United States on Jeff Rense show. Do you remember Jeff Rense?"
Symone: "Yeah. What did he say?"
--- General conversation --
David: "She was asleep."
Symone: " - laughs - I do sometimes (sleep)"
Friend: "Sleep's good. Sleep makes your brain heal."
Symone: "I sleep a lot."
David: "Yeah you do."
Symone: "That's all Dad. I have to go to the bathroom now and so do my friends."
Friend: "You know what. I got to go anyway Symone. I have to go to football training."
Symone: "OK."
Friend: "But I'll see you when I can at the Rehab centre."
Symone: "Have fun."

Fourth Segment
Friend: "Do you miss listening to all your music?"
Symone: "A little."
Friend: "Do you remember the band Short Term Gain."
Symone: "Yeah."
Friend: "They're going to throwing a concert for you."
Symone: "When?"
Friend: "September 17th to raise some money for you and stuff."
Symone: "How do you know?"
Friend: "Cos they told Dad. All the local Adelaide punk bands are going to be there."
Symone: "That's great."
Friend: "Isn't it?"
Symone: "Yeah."
Friend: "There's going to be about 10 bands playing."
Symone: "Let's go."

Tape - 28th of July 2005
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First Segment:
Friend: "Do you remember when we made Mexican at Jeff's?"
Symone: "??? No. It was good though."
Friend: "It was yummy."
Symone: "Yes."

Second Segment:
Friend: "I might get you a cute top. Would you like that?"
Symone: "That'd be hot."
Friend: "What would your favourite colour top be if I got you one?"
Symone: "What kind would you get?"
Friend: "What colour? What colour would you like it?"
Symone: "Green, or pink or black or something."

Tape - 26th of July 2005
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Segment One:
David: "What did you do this morning, sweetie?"
Symone: "Nothing."
David: "Did you go to physiotherapy this morning?"
Symone: "No."
David: "No?"
Symone: "I was in therapy."
David: "You were in therapy? What were they doing?"
Symone: "Looking after me."
David: "See. There ya go."
Symone: "I think I need it."
David: "I think you do need it too."

Segment Two: (In this segment we were watching our favourite game show on TV, "Deal Or No Deal", and Symone knew what the contestant would win. Her unconscious mind is on high alert!)
Symone: "I want my own energy."
David: "You want what?"
Symone: "My own energy."
Jeff: "We can''t get that word, sweetie."
Symone: "???? You don't understand."
Jeff: "We're trying to sweetie."
Symone: "He just won three grand."
Friend: "Who won three grand?"
David: "Did he?"
Friend: "3, 8."
David: "3, 8. Wow. You were pretty spot on."

Segment Three: (In this segment, Symone's cousin says goodbye to Symone and says she will bring her other cousins to see her tomorrow.)
Cousin: "I'm going to go now Symone, but I'll see you tomorrow."
Symone: "OK."
Cousin: "And I might bring Bradley and Stacy, is that OK?"
Symone: "Yes, thats fine."

Cousin: "Would you like to see them."
Symone: "Yes, I'd love to see them."
Cousin: "And Peter and Kerryin too?"
Symone: "Yes."
Cousin: "OK, I'll see you then, all right?"
Symone: "OK."
Cousin: "OK Goodbye."
Symone: "Goodbye."

Tape - 23rd of July 2005
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Segment One:
David: "Did any friends come into today?"
Symone: "Yes."
David: "Who came in today?"
Symone: "Lisa, and other people."

Segment Two:
David: "Did you enjoy seeing Jaye today?"
Symone: "She got angry."
David: "No, she didnt get angry. No. No-one's angry at you sweetie."

Segment Three:
Symone: "I'm alive."
David: "Yes, you're alive."
Symone: "At least I'm alive."

Segment Four:
David: "So tell me what you've been doing today Symone."
Symone: "They've been treating me well."

Segment Five:
Symone: "This tragedy's a dream."
David: "This tragedy's a dream."
Symone: "I'm sorry."

Segment Six:
Symone: " ???? that recorder ???"
David: "That recorder. I'm recording everything."
Symone: "OK."
David: "Is that OK if I record?"
Symone: "Yes."
David: "Do you know why. I'm going to try and find some reversals."
Symone: "Yes. I can let you do that."

(Speech Reversal found on this section - "(I will hear) everything I say" - click here to download mp3 file - for more information on Reverse Speech and Speech Reversals - click here)

Segment Seven:
Jeff: "Are you afraid?"
Symone: "A little bit, yeah."
Jeff: "You don't have to be afraid, you're very safe here."
Symone: "OK."

Segment Eight:
Symone: "And I always get into trouble for ????"
David: "You don't get into trouble sweetie."
Symone: "I do."
Jeff: "You're not in trouble now."
Symone: "Yeah but I should be."
David: Huh?"
Symone: "I should be."
Jeff: "I should be, why?"
Symone: "Getting into trouble."

Segment Nine:
Jeff: "Doctor says in a month you'll be walking back in here."
Symone: "Yes. Will I?"
Jeff: "Yes you will."
Symone: "How do you know?"
Jeff: "Because that's what he said."

Segment Ten:
Friend: "Symone, I promise you, pinky promise, that we'll come back tomorrow, OK?"
Symone: "OK."
Friend: "I love you."
Symone: "I love you more."

Segment Eleven:
Friend: "Hi Symone."
Symone: "Hullo."
Friend: "How ya doing, you're looking great."
Symone: "Thanks."
Friend: "You're coming along so well."
Symone: "Yes."
Friend: "How ya feeling?"
Symone: "Like, excited."
David: "Like excited?"
Symone: "Cos youse are coming and stuff."
Jeff: "Good job sweetie."
Symone: "OK."
Friend: "You're doing fantastic."
Symone: "You came like this before?"
Friend: "Yeah we came the other day to see you."
Symone: "Yes."
Jeff: "You remember that?"
Friend: "Can you remember us coming and seeing you the other day?"
Symone: "No."
Friend: "That's all right."
Symone: "I'm sorry."

Segment Twelve:
Jeff: "And Annie did your nails for you."
Symone: "When?"
Jeff: "About 3 days ago."
Symone: "You can't tell, can ya?"
Jeff: "Not now."
Symone: "??? my nails."
Jeff: "Look at your nails."
Symone: "???? She remembered them."
Jeff: "She didn't put any polish on them."
Symone: "She didn't."

Segment Thirteen:
Symone: "I try not to, like, be annoying."
David: "You're not annoying sweetie, you're doing just great. Everyone is here to help."

Segment Fourteen:
Jeff: "Is your mouth feeling better now?"
Symone: "No."
Jeff: "No?"
Symone: "I dont feel the best."

(Speech Reversal found on this section - "Sad we fear" - click here to download mp3 file)

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