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Pasted below are just a small handful of the 100s of emails we are receiving wishing Symone well. Thank you so very much to everyone. The most recent emails are posted first.

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        My name is Kylie & I am a huge That's Life fan. I read your story in
this week's mag & I can tell you now it had me in tears just thinking how
life can be so great one minute & then a split second can chage everything.
I have 2 small children of my own one is 5 & one is 2, both girls whom I
love with all my heart & soul & I could not imagine anything bad happening
to them & I could not imagine having to think about what I would do if
anything horrible was to happen to them.
I want to let you know that I think Symone has come so far from what I have
read in the story & I believe she can go even further, especially with the
loving family support that she has. My prayers will now be with Symone & I
wish her all the best in her road to recovery.
Kind Regards

Hi Symone.

Just letting you know that I'm thinking of you after reading your story in
that's life!

Kind regards, Sandra

I've just read Symone's story in my new issue of 'That's Life'.  I'm
not a very religious person but I really do believe in the power of
prayer and faith. 

You've all been through so much together, I really hope that Symone's
recovery will go well.  Just a message from one parent to another.  My
very best wishes to you all.


Oates Family

Hi, this is Sandra from New Zealand. I have just read about Symone in That's Life Magazine.
We are wishing you all the best for a great recovery Symone. You are a beautiful young girl, you are an inspiration to everyone.
It is so wonderful to see you moving about with your Physio and so-on.
Keep on getting better and our thoughts are with you and your family.

Dear Symone,

I've just read about your accident in That's Life! and like everyone else I was upset by it and went on to the website to send an email.  
It's wonderful to see all the outpouring of love and well wishing for you.
All my love and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!!
Melbourne, Australia

I just read your story in That's Life, and would like to wish Symone all the best wishes in the world. She is very lucky to have such a loving and caring family.


Sally Potter

Dear Oates Family,

Hi Rebecca here from Brissie. I have just read your storey in That's Life Magazine.
I just wanted to send my best wishes to Symone and wish her and her sister Jaye happy 18th Birthday for 7th July. Mine is the 6th July.
Not sure if you have heard of Janine Sheppard but she wrote a book called Never say Never. She was stuck by a car while cycling back in 1988 and was told she might not ever walk again. Well not only did she walk again she married and had three children, and also leant to fly a plane.  Hows that for beating the odds. That storey really inspired me to never take things for granted and never give up.
So Never say Never.
My thoughts are with you all.  Bec



Just read your story in the That's Life magazine as was very moved by your story.
I just wanted to send an email to say I hope you keep getting better and that my
thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
Take Care

Dearest Symone and family,

I have just read your story in That's Life. Not being a television watcher
I had never heard about it before. I have since read your website and I
have to say ... Symone , littleone , you are such a brave and strong girl
and both myself and my nine year old daughter wish you the very best and
hope that you recover soon. Just remember there's light at the end of the
tunnel and no matter how bad or painful it gets, you;ve got the support and
love of your family, friends and strangers to keep you strong. I look
forward to seeing the article in Thats Life that says you are walking on
your own and everything is ok :)

stay strong and beat this sweet girl , God knows you deserve to win.

Love and best wishes,

Caz and Mikaela

Dear David,

I just want to tell you that you are a GREAT DAD...
You have my respect and admiration...
I DO believe that Symone will recover completely.

Hi my name is Maxine I would like to send my prayers to the family and wish the girls a happy 18th birthday. And I would like to say that I'm very sorry about the bad news when I read the that life magazine my thought are with all the family.


Dear Symone,

I read about your accident in That's Life!
I really hope and know you'll recover quickly.
You sound like a lovely person and I know you'll be back to normal soon.
All my love and prayers
Nicky XoXo!

Hello, I have just visited your site after reading your story in That's Life. When I say reading I mean stopping every few lines to wipe away the tears. Tears that I'm sure are nothing compared to the ones shed by your family through this terrible tragedy.

However I also cried at the amount of amazing support you have received and I just wanted to ad mine to it. I was amazed at the photos, although you are in physio, which I'm sure is hard, you can still see in your face and eyes that you are a beautiful, strong person. You will get through this, you have come so far already. Good luck Symone, I know you will get through this, my prayers are with you.
Love Lisa

Hi there,
I was just at work reading your story in That's life. What a remarkable story. The whole of my department sends our good wishes to you. Chin up girl. It may be a long road to travel, but when you reach the milestones you'll forever be thankful. Just remember that everything happens for a reason.

Thinking of you.
Melbourne, Victoria.

Hi Symone,

Hi my name is Che I live in NSW in an area called Blacktown.  I read thats life magazine regliously for the inspiring stories of courage and defying the odds in some circumstances, it also makes me aware that miracles do happen in life that leads me to your story I came across your story and got totally involved and could not wait to log on to your website to site the progress you have already made since the accident, you have done exceptionally well and you have even defied the doctors prognosis, Symone you are amazing, strong and and inspiration to us all  you have a fighting spirit inside of which surely you will make a full recovery, it may take time but you will get there.  I will look forward to logging on your site next week to see how your weekend went.
Til then Take care

Hi guys,

            I just read about the accident in That's Life. It brought tears to my eyes. But I was happy to find out the
Symone is recovering really well. Symone is one good fighter. I pray she makes a full recovery soon.
I will always check your web site for updates and pray for the day Symone is home and well.
Best Wishes to Symone's family my heart goes out to you all.
Get well soon Symone
Best Wishes
Carol Manning

After seeing the article in That's life

I came on to your website
I am amazed at the support and care of everyone
I'm one of those who don't know you but would like to let you know that after seeing that article and visting your webpage
that i wish you a very healthy and speeedy recovery and just to let you know that you are now with your family are in my thoughts
wishing you all the best
Love from
Dawn Bernar
Thomastown Victoria

Hi David,Jaye and of course that courageous girl Symone,

l have just read your article in that's life,my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
It must of been so frightening at the time of the accident,but with the support  and love you have, and the good karma everyone is generating to you all, l know Symone will be the guest of honour at the benefit concert this Saturday night.
         Enjoy the night Symone,and may God bless you and your family.
             Keep that smile on that beautiful face!
                  best wishes Bernadette Curtis,

To symone and family

I just read your story in Thats Life magazine. I'm writing to say i really
do hope you make a full speedy recovery. I am a strong believer in positive
thinking and it really does work. If you need any fundraising done i am more
than willing to help. i live in melbourne and can do some sort of
fundraising activity around melbourne if you wish. I am studing welfare and
its my passion to help people so don't be afraid to say yes. I know how
costly rehab and recovery could cost.
Good luck with everything and i know you will be back to normal asap.


Hi Symone. . . 

      Thank you very much for this page. I had an accident back in 1987. I had a permanent brain injury too,
it was a long recovery for me too. Learning how to walk properly again. I am listening to your latest audio sample.
You have a beautiful voice, and you are truly a beautiful person too. It is so great that you have had such a wonderfully
ast recovery and My Prayers go out to you. It was a long recovery for myself and even to this day I suffer effects from that
day in 87'. Short term memory loss, permanent pain in my back and my knees and ankles. But stories such as yours
makes me believe that we are truly remarkable people that come to this earth to inspire others, just as you have inspired me.
God bless YOU Symone and good luck on the rest of you recovery....
                                  M. B.
                                  La Ronge, Saskachewan

Dear Symone and family,

I happened to find your website through a flyer for the benefit gig happening on
Sept. 17 for you at Fowlers and its great to see reading through the updates
that you're getting better everyday!

I just wanted to send an email to say I hope you keep getting better and that my
thoughts and prayers are with you and your family,

Best wishes,

Symone, David & Jaye


So very sorry to here of the terrible tragedy that has happened to you and your family.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you Symone every step of the way throughout your recovery.
Being the strong hearted girl you are I have so much faith in you to get back up on your feet very quickly
just like you always have done.

With the support of so many people you have around you, things are only going to get better.

To Jade, as you know who I am would you please send my love and support to Symone and David and
that we are thinking of her every step of the way. You and Symone have got so much ahead of you.
And from how I remember Symone is that she is a real fighter. I will keep following her progress.

Jade and David, keep strong and take care. Give her a big Hug and Kiss from me Tina Rameka. (SSO)


You are such an amazingly strong gal and i think that the world has just got
to look to you for inspiration. As i have know you since year 8 at CBHS your
spirit, beautiful smile & personality really is something to remember.
Everyday and sometimes twice a day i log on to your website your dad has set
up for you and i have a tear to my eyes ever time i read your progress. i
think to myself "That is the Symone Oates i have always known".A strong girl
who would never give up in anything that you do. It is great to read that
you are getting better and better everyday, and i have also kept up with
your mp3 files and to hear your progress is an absolute joy. Once you have
conquered this hurdle in your life Symone 'the world is at your feet'.
Symone even though this terrible tragedy has happened, you are the luckiest
gal in the world to have the support of all your family, friends and the
rest of the world on your side rooting for your quick recovery. Symone Take
Care. Thinking of you, Jade and your Dad all the way.

Love and support
Tina, Pete and our kiddies.

Hello David,. I have just heard about what happened to your daughter, I am so sorry to hear such tragic news. 
I will send all my love & healing thoughts to Symone, as has been promoted, for sure. God willing, I have no
doubt that Symone will definitely pull through. I hope that you are also bearing up okay. I would assume
all your friends have pulled rank around you at this time to give you their full support, because you definetly have mine.
Take care & God bless

Hi Symone

We also go to christies Beach High School and when we started there You & Jaye and alll your friends were the girls
that we all looked upto and wanted to be like because you were the big year 10 girls and now this year we are the
Year 10 girls and all we hope is that we are looked up to as much as you were and still are. All of us girls have been
watching this website from the minute we heard about it and are always so pleased to hear that you are getting better
we all hope for a full recovery
love from all the year 10 girls at Christies Beach High



You dont know me...but we have a few similarities.

My names  Kevin and i am also a Cancer(crab)  my birthday is july 10.

I spent my 18th birthday  recovering from my accident.

Although i did not experience  the same  kind of  accident  you did . My  head  injury  was from a motorcycle impact .
I was launched head first going approx 50 MPH into a brick retaining wall. It  was enough to cave in the right side
of my motorcycle helmet and fracture my skull.


I saw your story and thought of  how I even today sometimes take life for granted  how easy it is... but  when in an instant it could all be taken away in a "FLASH"....




Kevin L.



Hi Symone,I'm very happy once again, to hear you are a miricle child of healing.Time after time of your progress,gives
confirmation,that love is very powerful within all of us.I will continue each day of my thoughts to connect with many
others,that sooner than you think,all this will be behind you.As you move forward in time,the love given to you, will
also spread the divine love around you to others.You must look ahead,not back,that you will dance and laugh at
the same time.Your future looks so bright to me.  P.S. I'm very happy for you David and all family within the circle.
Love paul michael  Oshawa,Ontario

SYMONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       

you are Awesome thats the one word that describes you!! I couldnt believe it
 when jaye told me !! she kept me updated it was so lovely of her to do it :-) (thankyou soo much)
i am soooo happy that youre doing great .. i dont know if you remember me
i hope you do cos i would love to c ya gain xx your such an inspiration to me
and so may other people. to your family and friends aswell they sound like a 
strong supportive group of people :-) wow to see your gorgeous double page
in the mail i was so happy i cried umm so yea would love to come n visit chu
i dont know if i should or not ?? but either way you make a fast come back
girl as i know you will  xxxxxxxxooooooooxxxxxxxxooooooooo  mwa
your good mate AILAN

Hi David,

It just keeps getting better and better and I am so happy for you all.  Now if she is watching the Simpsons then I know she's back.
This is truly an amazing journey for you all and you so deserve the positive results that are now coming.

My love to Symone and the rest of the Oates clan, including of course Jeff the marvelous.

Every morning I go to Symone's site and read all your wonderful news and it just makes me smile and realise how
precious life truly is, thankyou.

Jools  xxxxxx

Warm Regards,

Hi Guys,

I was browsing the web just randomly looking at stupid UFO stuff when
i came across a link to your sight. Out of pure curiosity i clicked on
it to find an extremely unfortunate event had unfolded itself to your
family. I would just like to wish Symone all the very best and I hope
that she recovers as soon as possible, as I know she will! I would
also like to wish her family and friends all the best too as this must
be a very difficult time for you all. You obviously care very much for
your Symone, so never give up!! ;) I will visit your web site for
updates on your progress.

Keep your chin up all,

John B, England

Hello Symone, Funny thing I just look at Jeff Rense’s site for fun and I don’t take it that seriously. How ever I saw your picture
and it reminded me of a friend of mine who was in a bad car accident when we were in high school. She was in a Halo for 6 months
with a broken neck. Anyway just wanted to tell you to stay strong and smile smile smile!!!!!!! Brandon B 20 Richmond Va 

Brandon Bollinger

I just wanted to send my best wishes to Symone for a
speedy recovery. I read about your story in the paper
on Sunday and have been thinking about you and your
family ever since. 
I will definately keep visting the site for updates
and I will be sending lots of positive thoughts your
way. You have already come so far Symone and have so
many people pulling for you. You won't be far from my
Seaford, South Australia.

Dear symone and family,
we were extremely shocked and upset to hear about the accident, we are sorry for all the pain you all must be
going through. We know symone from school and Symone is a wonderful person always so nice and happy .
she is a very strong person who will make it through this. Its great to hear about how she is recovering so
quickly .Its also great that she has so much love and support. We will keep reading her updates on her website.
love sam and sam

Hey Symone,
I read about what happened to you, although I had heard about it from my sister before it was in the Sunday Mail.
I have had some pretty bad stuff happen to me (nothing as bad as what you and your family are experiencing,
but still, bad stuff), but there something that has helped me, and I think it could help you to. It's a little saying...
Don't believe in miracles, depend on them. You know you can depend on miracles because they're gifts
from God, and He always knows what He's doing. I pray you will learn to depend on miracles, and that you
will have a speedy recovery.
All my love and prayers, Lauren
P.S. You've got the whole world backing you up, so it has to be okay.

Hi David!

Just a short note to say how happy I am at Symone's progress!! She looks great. I looked at the photo's you put on the website yesterday
and she looks so much more alert than the previous ones. I can see it in her eyes. In the previous photos it looks like there is still a "blind"
over her eyes, but in these ones her eyes looks bright and alert.
I am also so impressed with the young Adam and I am also going to get his books. What a fortunate thing that he was put on your path!
Anyway, you are all doing great and I am following Symone's recovery with great interest. It has brought my experience with Cindy right
back and I sometimes cannot sleep thinking about Symone. Just keep the faith and hope and everyday is a new day and closer to her recovery.
Liz Stevens

Dear Symone, and family;

I heard about your accident at the website
It is great to hear that you are doing so well, especially when the Doctors didn't expect it.
(I thought they were wrong anyway).
You are a strong and gutsy young lady, with a strong spirit,  and deserve credit for how well you have done.
I (and so many others) have been praying for your recovery and also for strength for your family while you recover
from this accident. 
I will continue to pray for you and check to see how you are doing.
Here is to hoping that you will be be feeling much better soon.
God bless you and your family
Joyce McCloy  - North Carolina

Hello, I really do not know what to say but I felt as though I had to write something, I just read your website because
it was posted on a Car Forum (Where people talk about car events or random topics such as this)

I read through the whole website and it really touched me. I can only wish the best for symone and I really hope
she gets well soon. For David John Oates, I can not understand what you must be going through now but for you
to do what you are doing, to set up these websites and still be strong like that, It takes a big heart and a lot of
strength to do it. I am from Melbourne and I just want you to know that people who have never met symone or
heard of symone before this day are praying for her, We both may have different gods (I'm Muslim) but know
that i'll be praying for you. 
Good Luck and I hope you get better and live your life to it's full extent.

Dear David Symone and Jaye
I read your article in the Sunday Mail and it broke my heart to hear of such a tragic accident which happened to such
a beautiful kind hearted young lady.
I could not imagine the heartache you and your family have been through but you seem like such a very close
family and a tough bunch you disserve a huge pat on the back and lots more. Myself I am an 18yr old and regularly
visit the Westfield Marion shopping centre and on a few occasions have been to shenanigans but I have just
recently have had a child of my own and after hearing of your story in the news paper David I could never as a
parent never come to terms of that happening to my own im am shaking at the thought its absolutely horrifying.
I praise you on how strong you have been for your daughter and how wonderfully setting up this website for her
its just so amazing that everything you have done I cant express I am lost for words I have so much more I could
say and phrase you on but this email would just never end before I end it I have only one last thing to say Symone
hang in there chicki your doing soooo terrific I phrase you on that. And I know from what I have read that your soo
strong that you will be able to fight your way though this long gurney but you will come out  the other end so proud
of yourself and congratulating yourself on how patient and persistent and not giving in you have been.You have a
wonderful family you have your life a head of you hang in there and look forward don't look back reflect on all the
good times you have had and look forward to the even better times you are going to have I wish you and your
family the very very best for the future stay strong and hang in there.

Elisha of Seacliff.

Dear David and family,

Wishing u all the best and that ur daughter makes a full recovery, and that we will pray for ur daughter before we go to sleep
 love and best wishes from the potts family

hey david

             although i didnt know ur daughter very well no-one deserves to have that type of accident anywhere,  
anyhow. I pray for ur daughters speedy recovery and that no serious damage has been left for u and her to deal with.
I hope u and ur family can over come this tragedy. Hopefullly she wiill be able to continue the work that she loves
to do and has all the success a person deserves. No other person in this world deserves to be more successful than ur daughter.
Best wishes and love Kerri

Hi David and Symone,

I wanted to say that I wish the best for you and your family.

I am a follower of Adam and am also an energetic healer.  I just sent Symone some loving energy around
8 pm California (USA) time.  I am currently listening to the Rense radio show.

I hope she gets to feel better and stronger.

With Love,
Chris Sparks

Dear Symone and Family, My name is Chrystal and Im 15 years old from Adelaide. My thoughts, Prayers and best wishes
are with you and your family.. Get well soon. Im going to your charity concert with some friends and I hope that the small
amount of money from our tickets helps as much as possible. Get well soon, Dont be afraid to believe,
And be strong enough to suceed. Best wishes Tripodi family.

Dear David and Symone,

                                   I just want to express my sorrows but also my hopes to your family as you go through these hard times.
I dont know what words I can use that may be of help to you only to say that there are people thinking about you. Hoping for you. 
And as you travel through these hard times remember that you are not alone. I believe that out of something bad, something
beautiful can grow.
from Jonathan, former CBHS student of long ago
Hallett Cove, South Australia

Mr. Oates,
     I am very sorry to read about your daughter.  She
and your family are in my prayers.  
     You are doing a wonderful service to humanity
with your truly revolutionary discovery and research. 

     Thank You, Bert Thurston

Dear Symone,

You are truly a blessed child of God. I am praying for your speedy recovery and for God to continue to provide wisdom to
the hands and minds of  your doctors.  I imagine you to be a healthy, beautiful young lady with all the desires and intentions
of a fun-loving teenager. You have a lot to offer this world. Blessings to you and your family.
Spiritually Yours From Here to Eternity.................
With Light, Love and Peace,
Ma Denise
Wife of Guru Aditiananda

May love and healing light surround you Symone and your family.  I keep you in my prayers.


hi symone my name is amber langley! I attended Christies beach Primary School with you! you may not remember
me but i am wishing you all the best. Your strong you can make it through this!

Everyone is praying for you! all my love amber!!!!

hi my name is Jenny Gould i live in sa.
I just heard about symones accident and i felt everything for her.
I hope and beileve that symone will make a full recovery and hope all of her
family is beside her the whole way.
                               love to all Jenny xoxo

dear symone and david,

my name is brittany blight i am a 16 yr old from adelaide i jst wanted to say that its 1 step at a time. and i fully
believe that you can do that. so keep your head high and keep smilin and u will do it.
well just keep ur head high and good luck with everything.
love brittany

Dear Symone, her Family and Friends,

I read about Symone in yesterday’s Sunday Mail and it really touched me. What a horrible
accident to happen to such a beautiful young women. Symone, your dad sounds like an
amazing person, you are very lucky to have so much support and endless love. I wish you
well in your recovery and will be watching your updates. I look forward to reading the one
which tells everyone that you are all better and going home! Keep your chin up and always
smile that beautiful smile but most of all believe in yourself, those around you and your own
abilities. I believe you can conquer all! Some one sent me the poem below and when I read
your article yesterday I thought of this poem and knew it was for you. Take Care,

Hello there nice person
Did anyone ever tell you
Just how special you are?
The light that you emit
Might even light a star

 Did anyone ever tell you
How important you make others feel
Somebody out here is smiling
About a love that is so real

Did anyone ever tell you that
Many times when they were sad
Your presence made them smile a bit
In fact it made them glad

For the time you spend sending things
And sharing whatever you find
There are no words to thank you
But somebody thinks your fine

Did anyone ever tell you
Just how much they like you
Well, my dearest friend
Today I am telling you!

 Best Wishes for a speedy recovery, all my love Melissa.

 Melissa Allery
Land Management Adviser

dear symone,    your life has taken an unfortunate turn,keep being strong,you will come through this -
you WILL come through this,i am praying for you, shanexxx


My name is Karen and I have read the Sunday Mail on Symone and the tragedy that occurred.
I am a mother of two children , a girl 20 and a son 15 and we all have been to the site where this
happened on many occasions attending the Cinema Complex at Marion.
I am horrified how such a thing could have happened to gorgeous Symone at such a tender
age and can only begin to try and comprehend what you must be going through not only
emotionally but in every aspect of your lives.
I sit here and wonder what I would be like if that happened to any of my children. May you
sincerely find strength and courage in this time. As I can see a lot of people worldwide are
with you including our family.
We live in Morphett Vale and if I can be of any help whether to sit and talk with Symone
or just anything please reply and I would be more than happy to help in any way as I know
my daughter and son would too.
This e-mail is from the bottom of my heart as I empathise with you as a parent to what
you must be going through yourself. Please , please don't be afraid to contact us anytime.
Our thoughts are with you all , try so hard to keep your spirits up as best you can (even
in times of doubt, hardship). Symone is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful father
and support network and tell her from us she will never be alone and we are but a phone
call away.
Karen and our Family
My name is Amanda, I have been following your story in the paper and 
internet and wanted to let you know that there is life after brain injury. 
In July 2001 I suffered a traumatic brain injury myself through an accident 
with my horse, during my airlift to hospital my husband was told to expect 
the worse and I could be DOA. My family were devastated and went through 
hell. I did survive despite all the odds and am alive today to share with 
you,trust me there is life after brain injury in fact my life is better than 
it ever was before. I would love to come and visit you all and hopefully be 
an inspiration for Symone, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Love and blessings to you all from Amanda Williams.xxxx

            I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the Sunday Mail this morning and I saw your face.
I went to Primary School with you at Christies Beach, I don't know if you can remember me - I was
best friends with Gabby Zilinkas, David Wilkins, Elicia Ross and Andrew Martin. The last time I
saw you was on Moana beach with Jaye about 2 years ago. I always remember you being a
gorgeous, bright, bubbly girl who liked to have fun.
Don't get discouraged - you will get through this, you are NOT stupid, and I'm sure you have a lot
of friends and family that will tell you the same.
I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery, and also best wishes to Jaye and your parents
through this tough time.
Cassie Sparrow, Pt Hughes. xoxoxo

hi! i just read about symone's story in the sunday mail, it's so touching to know that people all
around the world are reading and sending their love to symone. i send my love to symone
and hopes that she makes a speedy, full recovery and gets back to doing all the normal
18 year olds do...having fun! get well soon symone, we love you remember that! love to f
amily and friends also,




Hello David

Long time no contact. And if I didn't have a houseguest who delivered  
a copy of the Sunday Mail to my bedroom, I would not now be in  

But today, there was the paper and there was your name. And I  
wondered if there was more than one David Oates - and I went to the  
website and saw the link to reversespeech and my heart sank for you.
I was appalled to read about your daughter, Symone.  My dear boy, you  
have had a rough run.
Your web account of Symone's progress is magnificent - and very  
powerful. I feel that it has to be working as part of the treatment  
since it rallies the hearts and minds of others to will Symone to  
I salute you, David. And I add my thoughts to the mystical power base  
which supports Symone.

Samela Harris


The first time I met you was at Christies Beach High School. I was a student peer support
officer assigned to your year nine class. Straight away, I saw how strong, bright and caring
you are, and experienced the strength of your vibrant personality.
We met again earlier this year, when I came to be a guest speaker at the year twelve day
out at Port Noarlunga. I was glad to see that you were still the bubbly, bright person I had
met all those years ago.
You have a beautiful spirit about you, and I know you have the strength to overcome this unfortunate
obstacle which has unfairly been thrown your way.
my thoughts are with you and your family, and I wish you strength, happiness and healing.
I know you can do this.
From Trista Coulter
Morphett Vale SA

I am deeply saddened to find out about your precious daughter Symone.

Unfortunately, I happen to know some of her friends, and they are absolutely
devastated by this horrible accident. As am I.
I wish your family all the best and hope and pray that Symone makes a full recovery,
which by your 'Updates" page, it seems that this will happen.
Good luck to Symone's recovery, and best wishes to the family.
Please keep us updated on her recovery.
Nikki- Adelaide- SA
Dear David and Symone's loved ones
read your story in the paper .. I hope this website gives you hope
 My husband had a R cva May 2005 And this his story of his recovery
 Warmest regards

Hi -
   My name is Chris Hatter from London, Ky. I've been a fan of your research and shows for
awhile, yet hadn't been able to visit your site in some time because of my hectic schedule.
But I went on today and heard about your daughter Symone. I just thought I'd send an email
and let you know you all are in my thoughts and prayers.
   Thank you and may God bless you all,


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