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Please know that I am praying for your darling Symone and that she will have a healthy recovery.  My thoughts with your family and I am sending your weblink to all in my email list from the Fight4Terri (Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation) listing so that it will receive much exposure and many added prayers.  God be with you all.
Take care,
The Caron Family
New Hampshire

Hi David,

I just heard about Symone.  Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Symone, and the rest of the Oates family.



My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. As one who is dealing with the long and uncertain recovery of a family member, I offer this small piece of advice: celebrate all improvements no matter how small; as it is from these tiny achievements that larger ones are built. On the days when you see no improvement, be thankful of no setbacks. Take care of yourselves - everything that can be done for Symone is being done; you must care for yourself so that you can help her later on. Find cheer in something everyday so that your spirit will be renewed.

God bless,
Being a parent, I can certainly understand the feelings this
type of incident can invoke.  I have experienced intense
medical issues with my youngest was quite scary.
We send you all the love Symone, and you and Jaye need
to get through this.  We so pray for her full recovery.
In love and the Divine White Light of Christ.
Lee and Davine
Portland, OR

Hello David,
I used to be a RN and took care of two different patients who had been
in comas from falls much more severe than your daughter's fall. Both
men were young and active before their accidents. Both men recovered
fully from their accidents. It did take a while though for their
recoveries. One man remembered everything which had gone on around him
during his supposed coma state. The smells, the voices, the touch -
everything was remembered and talked about during his healing.

I've also worked in hospice. People who are in comas or drug induced
comas or sedated are fully aware of everything around them.

Never forget this and use every opportunity to help your daughter to recover.

Don't look at the small set backs. Look at the overall picture. She
survived a fall which no one thought she would. Stay positive. There is
light at the end of this dark tunnel. Stay present.

I'll keep you an your family in my prayers.

To Symone's family,

On behalf of my family, our love and prayers go out to you for Symone and her recovery process.  I have only met Symone very briefly having been introduced to her by my son a few weeks ago whilst his band was playing at The Underground.  She is a very warm and friendly person and both my son Michael and daughter Alex (Porksy and Porkette - from the Myspace internet site) took an instant liking to her beautiful personality.  We pray for your family and to give you strength in Symone's time of need.

Rob and Karen Porcaro and family

I said a prayer for Symone tonight..and will remember her. My heart goes out to her... I have a good feeling that she will make a complete recovery. I pray that all family will receive strength to see this through. What a beautiful daughter, so much life ahead, she has something special to give to heal the world.

Love and prayers,
In 1991 my boyfriend, Jeff (whom I met last year) sufferered a traumatic brain injury following a car accident.  At the time, they didn't know if he would live and then they didn't know what his condition would be once they took him out of the coma.  He went through many times of crisis when things appeared to be getting worse.  His family rallied around him and prayers were said day and night.  With love and support he managed a tremendous recovery to become one of the happiest and most positive people I have ever met.  The possibilites for Symone's recovery are equally as tremendous and my prayers will be with her and her family as I send healing energy and love her way.
Dearest and most precious Symone,
Whilst God and the Holy Spirit nurture and heal you in their miraculous way, and your guardian angels hold you gently in their arms, may all of our prayers from around the world be heard, and all of our distant healing be put to perfect use by your exquisite body, mind and soul.
I'd like to dedicate one of my favourite songs to you dear Symone - "HOLD THE LIGHT" by the late Bert Sommer / Woodstock 69:
With an abundance of love, light and blessings for you and your family,

Dear Family Oates, the very best of wishes to you all, especially Symone of course

David, get her home as soon as they allow it eh, I've seen people in Perth hospitals get sicker the longer they stay, most doctors seem to be more interested in pushing expensive drugs than get you healed up these days, though there's yet a few helpful ones around.

Get well Symone, a loving family does more good to you than a thousand pills

Rick Doorn

Hi David, just felt I needed to give you some positive feed back, a friend of Katya's brother was in a similar  state.But  he was  told he would not walk,  talk  or work again. 3 months after his horrific car accident, resumed his normal activities.  Stay positive and draw on the immense energy that I know is out there for you. My love and healing to you all. Roz.

david, be assured that the great interest in your update site reporting on Symone represents only a small fraction 
of those of us who are interested in you, your work, and your family.       
may god bless you all; and we know he will. 


It is wonderful to see how our great God is moving in Symone's life.  I praise Him for sparing her life and for all the healing He is doing in her.
I want you all to know that many of us here are praying not only for Symone, but also for you and Jaye.  I know this is very very difficult for you and Jaye and also for your parents and the rest of your family.  we will continue to pray for all of you  - for strength, comfort, and the peace that only He can provide.
I chuckled when in one of your e-mails you told me to check the web site - I must check that site 10 to 15 times a day.  The first thing I do when I wake up is check the site to see how Symone is doing.
Stay strong and trust in God - He will get you through this.

Know what I think would be a good thing for us all to focus our minds on?

The moment Symone smiles.

And the elation that will fill David the joy, the relief, that he will feel when she looks up at her daddy and smiles.

That is the image I am holding in my mind.

The Smile Of Symone.

(She is already smiling, but no one knows that yet)

I've been keeping up with Symone's recovery site as often as I can, I'm
glad to hear she's made such remarkable progress!!

Please wish her Happy birthday for me and I'll keep pulling, no, 
EVERYONE on my end will keep pulling for her.

Also, I'll be away on vacation for the upcoming week. hopefully I'll get
some nice shots of Summer Celestial objects... 

Ok, I'll talk to you l8r!!


Hi David,
I just found out about Symone and will be reading the
daily updates religiously. How in the hell did she

We're all pulling for her and hope you are doing well.
I'm deeply involved in Law Enforcement and Homeland
security these days so if you need anything just yell.
Cathy has been praying daily for Symone's recovery and
also sends her best.

Laurie and kids are all fine here.

Hang tough brother

John in Dallas

Dearest David and Jaye,
We are two girls in year 10 from Symone's high school and we have heard of this tragic story and we must say every time we seen symone she always had a big grin on her face she was always bright and we know that Symone will fight this all the way because she is strong.We absolutly love Symone lots of love from Kate and Kayla(CBHS)XXX OOO

You and your family are in my prayers.
Im so sorry this happen to your daughter.
Be strong for her since she can not be at this time.
She needs her strenth to fight for the road ahead of her.
Do not ever give up on her cause she is strong like her father.


Hi Symone !!
       I figured it was about time to just write
directly to you !! ( smile ) Your dad and I go way
back ( or is that way backwards ??  (: ) . Anyhow I'll
trust him to read this letter to you forwards !!
       I'm very impressed with your ability to touch
the lives of sooooooooo many people while you might be
tempted to think I can't wait to get through all this
so I can go do stuff , you're realy doing a great deal
by just continuing to lay there and take your time
with this recovery process .
       On one more humurous point you've probably
become more well known at 18 than your dad and I  hav
our whole careers combined !! Everyday here in El
Segundo people ask ; " hows Symone ? " 
I give them updates and then I realize most don't even
know my name , nor I'm sure your dad's !!
       Anyway I run ( or more realisticly ) try to run
!!! a charity here known as " Got Kids ? " , Why such
a wierd name you ask ?? Yep , thats why , it's just
weird enough to get people asking what we do !!
       Well we offer laughter and assistance to young
people who are trying to overcome severe challenges
like being born without arms or legs , ( Wendy ,
Alyssia , and half a dozen others ) other things from
O.C.D. to eating disorders . Our website is  , maybe your dad or someone can
talk you through it someday .
         The other half of our endevor has to do with
young persons who have no place to live , so they come
here to listen to toooooo  loud music !!! ( I love em'
all !!!! )
        Anyway I'll be writng more as time goes on ,
so stay your inspiring self and keep up the recovery

                                     God Bless, 

William H. Yarroll II
Life Management


You are exhausted from riding this roller coaster since the accident.

If you could possibly get some help with proper sleep Im sure you will see how positive it all is now. Tell the Dr.

However we try to plan our lives and what we think is rite for our kids life just happens.

All we can hope is that we gave it our best shot and did what we felt was rite for our kids with knowledge that we had at the time.

You know that, your faith is sound and I also know your resolve is stedfast. I read between the lines and as every loving father that you feel guilty because this has happened to your child and not you. You bare no guilt only that of a fathers love.

You have done all you can, now try to get some proper sleep and let God do the rest.


     My heart goes out to you, your sister and Dad, I pray for your rapid and full recovery and that the trauma you experienced is no more than a small learning curve we all come across in our lives.
    Step out into your life with confidence knowing that you have the whole world before you, with everyone looking forward to your full recovery and hoping one day to make your acquaintance.
    David you are to be congratulated for your wonderful loving and fathering nature,always go forth in the time of need and help those who look towards you for help.
    I look forward to catching up with you in the next lesson, all my love wishes and prays.
                                Ted Grant. Perth WA. 
Dear David.

 Please bear with what I am about to say and at least try it for your daughters sake and if it doesn't work then other than a few minutes 
of time nothing will be lost. We as humans have certain God given gifts that societies for their own reasons have suppressed for 1000s
 of years. Jesus once said As I so can you.

 I am referring specifically to handling the physical pain of others. I have used this myself and it does work.
 It is very simple and that can be a problem as people often expect that something that works has to be difficult.
 Please follow the simplicity and observe any changes in breathing pattern color or general calmness. 
This tells you even with an unconscious person that you have been successful.

 All you do is think yourself into your daughters mind, think that you are telling her that you are going to remove her pain 
and think that you have done this. It can be done aloud but depending on the circumstance it does not have to be and seems
 in my own experience that it is a little better done by thought because the input has less attendant ambient distraction.

 A blessing on your daughter and all your family in a time of trial.

Regards Graham Barratt

I am a frequent visitor to the and saw the link to  I don't know you or your family, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I am a twin myself and just felt sick to read about what your family is going through. 
I hope you don't find this intrusive, but I wanted to write to tell you about a healing practice in Northern California.  It is called Bioenergy Balancing.  I'm studying it right now and it's really phenomenal.  I will attach a link to the main website for you to research.    In a nutshell, the practicioner will help remove trauma out of the meridians and energy field, which helps the body release negative emotions and blocks and start healing much quicker.  Since you seem open to alternative healing, I would highly highly highly recommend giving it a try.  I also practice reiki and personally think that the bioenergy balancing is so much more profound. 
The practicioners can work over the phone and are just as effective as being with the client. 
Here's the link:
Here's the page with the practicioners:
I would recommend working with Priscilla Kapel, the founder, or Maura Traylor.  They are both really great.
I hope to hear that Symone has made a full recovery soon.
Take care,
Dana Harada
I really hope that you will recover and be able to enjoy life again. it made me very sad to hear about your accident and that you are very sick. i will pray for you everyday and may god watch over you and your family.
God Bless you,
Marc siderio

Dear Symone

David has just let me know how you are doing today, on your 18th Birthday.  You are making so much progress; it is truly wonderful to hear about all your responses and achievements every day.

The children, Ayla , 9, and Luke , 6,  whom you have met once when you visited with Jaye and your Dad and Jeff, here in Byron Bay, are often asking how you are, also sending Love and Light to you, happy about every step you make.  

Hearing about your healing progress every day shows the Love and Light you carry within your Self – keep it up Symone, you are doing so very well indeed!

And to both of you girls, Symone and Jaye -  – on your 18th Birthday, may this  Light and Love be with you and surround you and carry you through all that is now and through all that will be.

Wishing you both the very best for your birthday today and for the year ahead,

God bless you both

With Love

Karina, Ayla and Luke  J

Hi David,

I clicked on this morning and got your update and then just now the new update of Symone acknowledging Jaye and friend, oh what a wonderful birthday present for Jaye.

Please send my love and best birthday kisses to your beautiful daughters for their very important 18th.  What a milestone for them both and what a proud father you must be right now to have 2 amazingly strong girls, what a gift.



JOOLS - MBS  xxxx  My prayers are constantly with you Symone.

Happy Birthday to Symone and Jaye, all my love to you both, as you journey together. To the Oates family I send you strength as you all travel this difficult path. lots of healing to each one of you. Roz, Katya, Darryn, and Natika. m.b.s.

Dear Symone, David and Family
I wish you the best at this distressing time.  I  would however suggest that you get a PROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATH to give Symone ARNICA OR ACONITE  or  another trauma   HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY in order to reduce   the effects of  swelling on the brain at this time .  It is effective and  immediate in its effect .
All the best

May the love of light give healing to Symone.I shall pray from this moment on, for the healing of this child of a miracle given by God. GOD BLESS SYMONE as we collectivity pray.paul michael shishis - from paul

Dear David,


You know might heart is with you and I pray with all my might that God bestows on you the strength to stay in faith and hope for her. To never let grief come between the spiritual connection you have with darling Symone. In my prayers for her I speak directly to her, telling her to feel how loved she is, how important she is to us. Having known her from a child I ask her to feel the motherly love I have for her and the motherly love she has inspired in others, it is all real. I ask her to take heart in her struggle, and perhaps even more so, to allow her inner healer to take the struggle on itself. For that is the part of her perfected for this task. Her other aspects may take comfort and respite in Spirit’s arms, to float in the protective army of shining lights around her, some of which are those of us physically in this world praying for her, but many more in the spiritual plane. I tell her how proud and grateful I am that she has thus far chosen to stay with us. Surely she has seen something of the light through this and her presence here states, at least in my mind,  her love for us in return.


God bless you my friend, and all those joined in love and concern for her.



A speedy recovery to Symone

I sense she is a strong-willed, courageous
and brilliant young woman and will pull through
this with all the love surrounding her.

She will make a full recovery, Yes she will !!!

My prayers to Symone and family.

And Happy Birthday.

Sue, Toronto, Ontario  Canada


Please allow me to be brief. (I know you are busy!)

On January 18, 2005, I fell down a mountain in southern Utah, USA.

I was "unconscious" for 2.5 weeks. After I awoke and had spent a month in
the hospital, I was told by a surgeon in the neurosurgery (brain)
department that "the brain damage was so severe that anyone else would
have been brain dead." He (among many others) was quite shocked by the CT

Your daughter will be fine. She has shown the determination to heal.

It will take time and there are challenges ahead, but her blessing from
this "accident" will be enormous and be of great assistance to many.

If you have any questions, or would like further reassurance and advice
(though I trust you already have much), please contact me at your
convenience--I have little else to do right now!

Blessings to you, your family, and Symone.


NO Symone is NOT going to have any brain damage; this weakness is just temporary.  JM-NH-USA

“FAITH is the substance of things hoped for the evidence not yet seen.”  I see TOTAL healing and gifts released that until now were not known of. JM-NH-U.S.A.

I hope that symone has a speedy recovery! All the very best lots of love kate
PS HAPPY 18th Symone and Jaye xoxoxoxox

Dear Symone,

I want you to know that my thoughts are with you every day. You are a very special girl and we (my family and I) are praying for your recovery and well being. I care so very much and so do many others. I know you can recover because you have so much spirit and you are strong.

My heart goes out to your family. You will all stay in my thoughts and heart.

Gunilla Stattin (Christies Beach High School)

Hi David and family,

I was checking through our website stats and saw that some clicks come from your site. When I went there I read the piece you have written about your beautiful daughter Symone.

Can I just say that we are so sorry to hear that this happened and obviously we can never fully experience what you are going through - but our thoughts are with you.

We're so happy that you are offering her Reiki amongst everything else. I'm sure that it is supporting her in more ways than we can possibly hope.

If you like we will put your site for your daughter on our student's website so that those who wish can send her love and energy.

Happy Birthday Symone - it seems you are loved by very many people!


Kindest regards,
Frans and Bronwen Stiene
Reiki Master/Teachers Usui Reiki Ryoho
International House of Reiki

Hi Symone,I have a confession to tell you.I don't forget what is important that I observe.I will never forget you as you heal and as you will smile a mile.I have been touched as a child, at age 4,way, way back in 1963 here in Scarborough,Ontario,Canada.I have asked them to visit you and give you a quick recovery for that smile of light just as they smile for divine love.Enjoy Symone, talk to you real soon,as time is your healer with praise.P.S. YOUR PICTURE SHOWS STRENGTH!!!!!!!8  paul michael shishis

Dear Sarsha,
Please pass this on to David and family.  We, here in Tucson are calling in the angels, archangels, masters and Ascended ones to be with you as you experience this oh so bitter challenge.  The love that is felt here for and with you is life sustaining.  We are consistently with you in Spirit.
In One Heart,
Dr. Judith Long


Been a parent too it is so distressfull to see your child injured in any way.
I think you and your daughter both, have made it through the darkest hours now.
Both my wife and I continue to include you and yours in our prayers.

Best Regards


My sister in law just informed me about Symone. I had not heard. There is nothing I can say you haven't already heard but I want  you to know I care and wish there was something I could do or say for you.
Forever your friend.
Jerry Hirsch CRSI 


Dear David,

We use to listen to you on Art Bell's program.  I didn't know about your son's death until just a few minutes ago when I read about it in IGHS e-mail, and now your daughter's tragedy.  Many times life just doesn't make sense.  Our hearts go out to you David and we prayed for you and your daughter.


My prayers are with you,and your Beautiful Daughter Symone.May your faith,your family,Your many friends,and caring human beings,help you get through this time of fear,and uncertainty. God bless your daughter in her recovery.
                                                          Lucille Fanciullo
Dear Symone,s Parents
Dear Mum & Dear Dad
Hello. Accept my warmest greeting & senses to you two please.
God will help your nice & sweety girl. I am a moslem woman from Iran. I and my family will say prayers for dear Symone.
We all want God to help you and give you calm & your comfortable.
My lovely friends " DO NOT WORRY, AT ALL".
Jesus will serve your doughter as soon as possible & all will hear of her maricular backing healthy.
Untill then Good- Bye
HYDEH (from Iran)
  I happened to see read about Symone's accident and request for healing 
prayers when i was on Jeff Rense, Monday, July 3 (pacific standard time).  I
do a healing called Spiritual Response Theraphy.  I was moved by her story
and wanted to do somehing for her.  I did a clearing for her Mon. night, and
Tues. had three other SRT practioners work on her.  Courage and Blessings,
and thank you for asking people to help.      MaryAnn, Oregon

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14.                                                                           
Lord, look upon Symone with the eyes of Your mercy, may Your healing hand rest upon Symone, 
may Your life-giving powers flow into every cell of her body and into the depths of her soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring her to wholeness 
and strength for service in Your Kingdom. Amen.  

With God ALL things are possible.  Praise and thanks be unto the Father.  Love, Don and family.

Mary, Please send your loving spirit to Symone and help her heal.  Your touch alone will bring her great joy and strength.  Bless her please and her family.
St Therese the Little Rose, I ask you to help this little sister and help her though this dark time.  Please bless her and place your loving arms around her.
Quan Yin, Send  protection to Symone and her family in this time of waiting.  Bless them and bring them into the love and light.
To the Brotherhood Who Soars High and Have Many Ways in Healing, I ask you to take Symone to the healing waters of your realm, reassure her and comfort her.  Please bless her with the light and love of your ways.
To the Pleaidens, I ask you to please help and heal Symone's injuries, to come from the light and love and to use your knowledge on this young girl.  Please.
I ask this in the name of Love and Light  and Jesus and his Gang

I pray in Jesus' name that God immediately restore Symone to 100% health (including the part of the brain that the doctors have said has *died*). . .

Dear David,
I am from the US, and have been following your work since I heard you on Art Bell's show a few years back. Although we have never met, I feel as if I know you.
I just wanted you to know that I am so very sorry to hear of Symone's accident, and am sending positive energy your way. 
I am a firm believer in the Power in the Universe, and that it can be directed through individual conscious effort. I believe this direction of energy increases exponentially with each added individual. So, although I am just one person sending White Light , Healing and Love to Symone and your family, I am sure that the combined effort of all the folks around the world doing the same will have a tremendous impact in the healing of your beautiful Symone.
I have 5 children, and cannot imagine what you guys must be going through! Just remember that you have many, many friends all over the world that you are not even aware of. Together we can beat this. Stay strong, keep positive energy flowing, and take comfort in knowing we are all here for you.
Warmest Regards,
Susan Teagarden

David, there is a lot of joy in my heart to hear Symone is progressing so well. Thanks for your continuing updates. I may not respond to every update, but rest assured that we will continue to pray for Symone's recovery and for inner strength and peace of mind for you and Jaye. We're right there with you, brutha!

--mike off.


I was so saddened to hear of your beautiful daughter's accident.  I know
she is aware of the thousands (perhaps millions) of prayers that are being
raised on her behalf, and they are helping her to grow stronger.  I add to
them my prayer that in addition to a healing miracle, this experience also
brings her to her true path in life.


Come on girl, you're on the right track, just keep it up!  It sounds like you're making an incredible recovery.  Docs say that healing from brain injuries can be a difficult up-and-down road.  Coast through the downs, pedal like hell on the ups, and you'll set a great example for the world to see.

God bless and be strong,

Dearest Mr. Oates,

   My name is Traci Binns and I am a proud member of the IGHS, I recently read the story of your daughter on Dave and Sharon's web-site and my heart instantly went out to you and your family!!!  I just wanted to write this and tell you in my own small way that people DO CARE and we are ALL praying for you and your daughter and I know that I at least will be sending all the healing prayers,wishes and thoughts I can!!!

       Im SO SORRY to hear of all your hardships and hope that the world will start letting up a little, we humans are stronger than we think and I believe if we all listen to our HEARTS we can do ANYTHING!!!!

Wonderful news.  Sometimes, the most wonderful light breaks through and forces its way out of the darkness.  Your daughter has brought us ALL something magnificent.  A lofty karma she carries to be sure.  Look at how she has brought so many of us together; and solely to celebrate life and to support you and your family.  From all over the world, our faith has been tested, and the universe has responded and said, "I hear you all, your faith has saved you."  Symone will be grateful for life, as never before.  Her chart reveals that in the future she will repeatedly feel a great debt is owed by her.  Not so much to a single person; there are too many nameless that have watched and prayed fervently for her wellness.  She will carry this sense of obligation to all life and to her God.  I, for one, feel that the gift was ours'.  It has been said that when one steps into the stream, both the person and the stream are changed, never the same again.  We all rub off on each other.  Your daughter's plight has changed so many of us permanently, and somehow I feel that her influence on the world, at large, has just begun.  It has been your responsibility to bring this news and information to the awareness of so many minds.  In true Gemini fashion, you have been the communicator, and continue to be the "voice of god".  With wings on your heels David.  This is the metaphor, the image, of how I will always envision you.  My thoughts and prayers continue for you and your family.

Dear David,
Your website is a wonderful tribute to your much loved daughter Symone.  The love and commitment with which you have approached this sad tragedy is uplifting.  Surely God will reward your faith with Symone's continuing and successful recovery.
You and your family are constantly in our prayers.
Angela Daly, Yvette and all the Daly family

Hello David,
Thanks to Dave and Sharons Newsletter of 7/3 - I found out about Symone's accident. I just wanted to let you know that my family (there are only three of us) is praying for her and my almost 17 year old daughter (who's very sensitive) told me that Symone is aware when someone is speaking to her. Keep talking!!! We'll keep praying and she'll pull through.

Melissa and Christal - IGHS members

Dear Symone and Family,
My prayers and healing thoughts are with you honey.  You are a very brave girl and will overcome this with miracles for all of us to see.
May God be with you and your family.
Dear David,
i'm thinking of you, your daughter and your family at this time when all prayers are needed and i'm letting you know that i'll be praying for you all and that god will touch your daughter with a miracle of recovery and health to be back with you again soon! 
keep faith,hope and love in your hearts
warm regards
Lisa Stapleton

The Oates Family:

I’ve never heard of you before seeing the prayer request on the Rense site. Right now its 10:00pm in New Hampshire, U.S.A., and the fireworks are going off over the mountains. I claimed all the lights-and jubilation,  as a sign from heaven that  dear Symone is  being totally healed and more than that---- that this whole  crisis is the crossroads for Symone;   in pathways she’s about to discover that would not have occurred if not for this outpouring of prayer world wide for her. I thank the Lord right now for her total recovery and for the ministering angels surrounding her and your family with a supernatural peace surpassing all understanding. Shhh—be still and know that the Lord will not fail you in this hour. Jude

dear loved ones of Symone, I've been keeping track of Symones wonderful, miraculous progress. How amazing! I could hardly read of her progress aloud to my loved ones as my voice was caught in my throat as the tears of joy welled in my eyes. May she continue to have a speedy recovery. Take care of each other. love, julie

Hi Symone,thought to let you know that you are healing well of divine love, for all those around you.I hoping soon that you can say high back to me,talk to you later!!!!!!!8Your Canadian Cousin,Paul

I wish Symone the safest and fastest road to recovery. Your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Daniel Lane
Avid reader:

Dear Mr. Oates and Dear Symone,

My prayers are with you! 

Toni Keys

Dear David and Family,

My thoughts are with you and Symone constantly, what a remarkable young woman she is.  Roz Tilley from Beyond Blueprint (the stand next to you in melbourne) is also doing healing for Symone, we are all sending much love and light to you all.

Thankyou for sharing, with so many the incredible journey of your beautiful girl, this is such a gift that you give to us and it helps us all to understand what love can do, the heart is our greatest power.

Much Love


I was reading Dr. Dave's newsletter about your daughter, Symone. Our hearts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time.

I am a third-order Benedictine and I'm always in contact with our Mother-home in Montana. I will send them an email and we will lift her up in prayers.

May God Bless you and yours.

Mary & Sylvester Garza

I'll be praying for Symone.  Much strength to you and your family in this terible tragedy.


I have lit a candle and prayed for a full recovery for your daughter Symone.  I have lit a separate candle and prayed for all of your family and friends to have special blessings surrounding all of you during this difficult time.    



IGHS member

hi David
hope things are getting better with your daughter....could you send me a picture of her before the accident I would like to help....I want to use what they taught me at the school of enlightenment to heal.....
Symone, I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery. God is awesome and I would love for you to witness his might. I know when 2 people touch and agree, there in the midst our Heavenly Father will be. I will gladly touch and agree with another christian for your speedy recovery. God is "the man" when it comes to matters such as miracles. Have the faith bigger than a grain of a mustard seed and all that you ask for shall come to pass. He never goes back on his word. I pray right now in the name of Jesus that your healing (100%)will happen!! I've never seen your face (until this photo), but I love you and so does God. Call on Him and I promise you, He'll be there!!
Be blessed,
Teresa Threatts

Hi David
wow thats amazing with your daughter's recovery yesterday (see update July 4th) ......I did some healing practices yesterday afternoon and felt some amazing energy move her way and the update site just showed some amazing news.....great to see it's all coming along well...
I've spoke with Paolo and Abby last nite they have been away and we are going to do a combined seesion maybe on Thursday for her recovery. So I have absolute faith she will be back to normal David.
Have an amazing day speak to you tonite.


My every thought of Symone is a prayer.

Kathleen Hawkins

Dear Jaye, David, Jeff and extended family,

I would like to say thank you for letting me visit Symone. I have taught
Symone for the last three years and she is very dear to me.I taught her English
in year ten and eleven and Women's Studies this year. I am also her mentor
at her request. Symone is a wonderful, warm and bubbly young lady and I know
she will have the spirit to overcome this hurdle in her life.I would like
to support Symone in any way possible on her road to recovery. We had many
long talks about her life and in particular her aim to study pyschology and
I would like to continue to be her mentor and support her. My love and thoughts
are with you all.


Dear David:

My heart and prayers are with you. If there is anything we can do – please let us know.

God Bless.- The X Zone

Dear David, 

I am extremely sorry to hear of Symone's fall. Both Colleen and I are
Reconnective Healers and Reiki practitioners. We will add our healings to 
the outpouring of love you are sure to receive from others on this list.

I will do a half hour healing each day for Symone for the next seven days.
Please include me in any updates your send.

Dear David,

            I received your urgent letter... I am very sorry to hear about your daughter's injury. I am saving her picture, and at the time that you've stated, I will definitely pray and focus my energy towards miraculous powers going to her full recovery ! I doubt I will be going into the chat room, but I promise that I will be doing what I stated. I won't be waiting for that time to do so, but I will make a strong point then to add in my efforts. There is no doubt that the power of the mind is not only misunderstood, but highly under-estimated.

I am going to offer you a website link to a woman's site that is nothing short of a miracle worker herself. I've read her first book, and am on her second right now. Her life and works are very profound, you may even want to see about having her on your show. I know she does interviews regularly, and is quite busy, but it might be worth considering. Here's the link 

Please consider also, going to this website and reading some of the testimonials. I was having serious health issues ( actually felt death upon me ) a few short years ago. While reading Michele's first book, I felt my own power come back into me. Her work is powerful, and if you can open yourself up to this power, it could only help in sending it towards Symone's condition. You can count on me putting her in my thoughts and prayers ! She is going to come through this !

       Sincerely....... Brian J

Hi, I`m a member of `Dr.Daves` IGHS  and wish to add my thoughts towards a successful recovery... Here in the U.K. we lost a much loved tv host/broadcaster..  even when you dont know them personally.. through the media you feel you do..  life is too short as it is..  lets hope Symone makes it ok.
I  would  like  to  wish  Symone  a  speedy  recovery.  My  prayers  are  with  her.
Symone, I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery. God is awesome and I would love for you to witness his might. I know when 2 people touch and agree, there in the midst our Heavenly Father will be. I will gladly touch and agree with another christian for your speedy recovery. God is "the man" when it comes to matters such as miracles. Have the faith bigger than a grain of a mustard seed and all that you ask for shall come to pass. He never goes back on his word. I pray right now in the name of Jesus that your healing (100%)will happen!! I've never seen your face (until this photo), but I love you and so does God. Call on Him and I promise you, He'll be there!!
Be blessed,
I am a friend of Kathleen Hawkins in Colleyville, Texas.  Kathleen forwarded a prayer request to all of us in her Partners In Believing group.  Please know that we are all praying for Symone. 
We know and affirm the truth of Symone, she is well, whole and complete.  Symone is surrounded with the right and perfect people at each and every moment as she continues to move forward in her healing process, all who attend to her are divinely guided.  God's strength, peace and love are within each of Symone's family members and friends, giving them the guidance they need to be there for Symone and to remain healthy and rested themselves.
Wishing Symone a speedy recovery and many blessings ahead,
  I happened to see read about Symone's accident and request for healing 
prayers when i was on Jeff Rense, Monday, July 3 (pacific standard time).  I
do a healing called Spiritual Response Theraphy.  I was moved by her story
and wanted to do somehing for her.  I did a clearing for her Mon. night, and
Tues. had three other SRT practioners work on her.  Courage and Blessings,
and thank you for asking people to help.      MaryAnn, Oregon

I want to let you know that she will be added in my reflective thoughts and prayers tonite and for as many nights as it may take.
I don't know how hard this is on a personal level but one can only imagine.  Keep your heads up and together we will only accept the best.
Only positive prayers from a IGHS member in Minnesota...

David, I'm so sorry to hear this.  I have several children and grandchildren. I know what you must be going through. Our prayers are with you and your daughter.
I have posted this on the web site and informed the admins of the email.

Hi David,

Really sorry to hear of your daughter's accident.  I cannot even imagine what you must be going through.

I am going to repeat your australian advert in the Aug-Sept issue for free, its the least I can do for a show of support.

Your NZ advert is going in as requested, should be out on the streets soon.

best to you

Duncan M. Roads,  Editor, NEXUS Magazine

I have followed David Oates since i first heard him on Art Bells show back in 1996.  Almost ten years ago.  My family has become believers in Reverse Speech and it s obvious implications make David a threat to many powerful people.  We have felt your loss and prayers at the tragic death of Davids Son  and now we were Mortified and Horrified to learn about Symone.  We continue to thank God for the Miracle of the ambulance and experts being present at Symones fall and we will continue to pray for her life and a full Recovery.  May God grant you all strength and Love during this time.
Your Friend in Christ our Lord,
Mr.  Tony Martin and Family,
united states

Hello David,
  My name is Davey, a ghost investigator and father of a 30 year old
daughter living in Portland, Or. I can only imagine what you must be
going through and how you are feeling. Symone has the best of care
possible and my prayers and positive healing energies to go Her and to
You! Often those that are sick and injured have the medical care
possible but we who wait need healing and energies as well, sometimes
even more to get through it all. You've given so much with your great
show and your healing energies have come to many of us and I Thank You!
Indeed, there are many of us out here and in combination Symone is
receiving the greatest healings in this spirit. I will continue with my
energies and prayers and healing abilities. Safe Journeys, Peace within
them and all the Healing Spirit needed for Symone's recovery and yours.

Dear Oates Family,

     I want to express that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this trying time.  Though I have not experienced a similar occurrence with a family member or friend, I am a parent of two teenage boys, one living away and in college.  There is not a day that goes by where my wife and I do not worry about him. 

     Please know that thousands of people across this planet are praying for the blessings which God can bestowe upon Symone and your family.  We will pray for her quick and complete recovery.  God bless all of you.

Dear David and family, keeping your precious child in our prayers, we are members of IGHS, they are wonderful people as you know and we all believe in the power of prayer.  May God Bless you and yours and give you the strength we are praying for to get you thru this most difficult time.  As you know David's Mom survived a horrible accident and I truly believe it was only the power of prayer that got that precious lady thru and your daughter has many, many people praying for her.  If there is anything we can do as she recovers, sending her cards and craft's please let us know so that we can continue to help with her recovery

Dear David,

George Duisman shared with me what happened to your daughter.  He has shared with also some of your tapes for the metawalk.  We will be there with you and her for the healing love and focus.  It occurs to me that especially you as her father could best contact her spirit and soul to walk her through the metawalk to the "healing fields."  My guess is you have already done that. We will add our intent and healing focus.  Bless you and Symone greatly.  We know that Spirit is all powerful, and love is all there is, so anything can happen, even the reconstruction of her brain.  SO BE IT, if that is what she wishes.

Blessings in Healing Love,

I am a member of IGHS and read of your daughters accident.
Know that my prayers are with your family and I will be sending healing energy her way. Love and Light,
Dear Oates family,
Sending healing energy to Symone for a full and speedy recovery. Also to the family, to give you strength at this time.
Shawn H. Smith
IGHS Inner Circle Member

This is a terrible tragedy, but Symone has a good chance of pulling through.  My understanding is that she has already beaten the odds, and with our prayers, she can make a full recovery.

You've got teams and teams now, all praying for Symone. You also have thousands of people about to be informed by my Grandparents, who are in their 90's who still attend the church I grew up in.
They are on it.

Dear Oates Family,
I just wanted to let you know that Symone is in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless her, and God Bless your family,

I just wanted to let you know that I have prayed for Symone and will continue.  I will also pass this prayer request on to another group for more prayers.  God Bless.

David, I have been away and just read the awful news. I am so sorry. My prayers go out to you and Symone and your entire family. Keep us posted when you can.

Hi David

As soon as I heard about your dear, sweet Symone, I put you, & Jaye, & your family into my thoughts & prayers; I shared the info with others, too.  I forwarded the info to Elizabeth in Hamilton.  The next day, over the phone, asked her if she had received my message about Symone.  She did not yet know of the situation but she immediately started to bubble, "no but I've been thinking about them a lot lately, just random thoughts, a lot.  I want to call them..."  I interrupted & explained.  We were both quiet for a bit - it was obvious that Elizabeth's thoughts about all of you were NOT random, but spiritually-generated.  Of course you're all in our thoughts & prayers - I check your updates frequently.  I'm looking forward to the next time I see all of you - I'm feeling extremely hopeful & positive so please stay in touch.

Love, Cathy Hastings & Elizabeth VanStralen

i would first like to say that i came across your reverse speech website some time ago,and found it very interesting.  i wish your daughter all the best and my thoughts are with your family.  i have lived in the noarlunga area all my life, so i feel you guys are part of the "family" which the south is a small community and for example, i had just read about symones accident on david icke and jeff rense's websites when my girlfriend came through the door and said that her sisters friend had an accident,and had fallen...i finished her story for her.

All the best,
my thoughts are with your family and symone.


Heavenly Father, I lift Symone Oates up to you right now Father. Please send complete healing onto her body. Please let her have no pain, my Lord. You said by your stripes we were healed, and Lord we are standing firm in those words. You are the divine healer. We give you all the honor, glory, and praise. Thank you Jesus. In your holy name I pray. Amen.\

Your daughter will be in my daily prayers, I promise. Please let me know how she is doing. Thanks and God Bless.
Your sister-in-Christ,


I heard about your daughter's unfortunate accident. My heart goes out  to you and your family. I shall pray for her and for all of you. I  send love to you all. Please remain optimistic and visualize her  completely recovered. I shall do the same. Collectively, we can make  that a reality.

If there is anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to call  on me. My telephone numbers are listed below.

With lots of love,

Dear David,
I was shocked to hear the news about Symone. Tomasina is keeping me up to date with her progress. Prayers and healing thoughts must be coming in from all parts of the world, including China.
May all strength and healing embrace Symone

Dear David

My heart goes out to you, what a terrible accident, I feel sad. I pray that your beautiful daughter will recover. Be strong David you are a good man. My thoughts are with you. take care and all the best.

Kindest Regards


Dear David:
My heart and my prayers have gone out to Symone and to you and your family from the time  I first read of this tragic accident.  I have been following  your research sence art bell (lower case intenional no explainnation needed).  There is not much one can say at a time like this to offer you comfort.
Just rember I will be praying for Symone, yourself and family in my prayers nightly.

May the love of light give healing to Symone.I shall pray from this moment on,for the healing of this child of a miracle given by god.GOD BLESS SYMONE as we collectivity pray.

May the Lord give you and your family true peace and comfort, David. This part of God's plan for you may be harsh and difficult, but Symone will be prayed for and cared for.

Allow the great comforter, the Holy Spirit to fill your heart.

Ask God to restore you and to heal your daughter.

You are in my prayers.

david give our love to jaye too.
We are grieving for her as much as symone and you.
We hope she is holding up okay but dont see how she could be. We cant imagine how terrible this could be for a twin

Hi my name is Judy Smith.  I'm a member here in the US of IGHS.  I'm very sorry to hear of your daughter Symone's accident.  I just wanted to let you know that I went through something similar with my son, Daniel.  He was 17 years old and his car was hit by a drunk driver.  He did nothing wrong at all!! He was pulling across at a light and was T-boned by a huge Dodge Ram Truck.  Luckily, he was T-boned on the passenger side.  If there would have been a passenger, they wouldn't be here today.  My son was pronounced dead at the scene.  But on his way in the ambulance to the hospital, the paramedics picked up signs that he was very much alive.  He laid in a coma and after seeing him for the first time after the accident, I admit I thought that I would lose him.  He also suffered a closed head (brain) injury, a punctured kidney and several lacerations.  He went through at least 3 surgeries to remove glass and debris from his face.  They also had to rebuild part of his cheekbone.  I wanted to share my story with you to give you hope.  He's very much alive and recently married.  He's now 23.  But one accomplishment that I'm so very proud of is that he has used his tragedy and the things it took away from him to help others.  He spoke for at least 3 or 4 years about his experience to high school and middle schoolers for an organization here called:  In Memory of You.  This organization was started here in our county, as a means to reach out to people in our community and teaching them to make good decisions.  We lost at least 10 teen agers in a matter of a year to accidents.  I'll pray for your daughter and your family every day.  I know that my faith helped me and my family through our darkest days.  She's a fighter I'm sure of it.  Keep your chins up and don't give up hope.  Here's to her speedy recovery!!  My best, Judy Smith, Whiteland, IN   USA


Just read the latest update at site for her, and in this the latest as of the 4th of July, AM (your time), in that we are seeing swelling again.

As I posted yesterday this is fairly normal with these injury types in that there will be these strange, sudden, ups and downs:  great news one hour, a seeming gloom the next.  Don't dispair.

This is the course of these injuries as the concious and unconsious, the passive and the direct functions of the brain sort out what has happened to itself. 

So, you'll have euphoric days and those of gloom by appearance.  Again, don't dispair.  That in itself  is a positive sign in that the brain in both spheres, both realms it finds itself,  is struggling for the direction of healing.  If it was hopeless, there would be a downward slippage and no other indicators.  In her case, we are seeing these wildly flucuating changes.  It is good.

But hard on us on the outside of her.

I thought I'd offer this in that this can be so vexing at times for you.  And for all of us who care so much over the distance.

I've had to do this 3 times with 3 different people who were close to me, somehwat similar types of circumstances, and I sort of know this trail, sadly, but offer these words since in fact, this all indicates hope in her case.


From Ghosy Hunter's Newsletter

David John Oates, who is the founder of Reverse Speech, has written the Forward to one of our books coming out later this year. We have been on his Australian radio program and have been using his Reverse Speech techniques for EVP voices since 1997. His contribution to ghost research lies in his discovery of Reverse Speech. He has over 7,000 examples of Reverse Speech on his web site. While he is not a ghost researcher, his discoveries have enabled us to understand better the EVP we record.
We were surfing on the Jeff Rense web page and we were shocked to learn that his daughter, Symone, fell 70 feet from the top story of a shopping center. She is in critical condition with severe brain injury. We ask everyone to send positive energies for her recovery. She needs all of the healing love and prayers that each of you can contribute on her behalf. Visualize her running and laughing, not lying in a hospital bed. Visualize her happy and well as she goes window-shopping for a new dress. The language of prayer says that we must have emotions attached to the words we speak.
David lost his only son in a drowning accident several years ago and now his daughter, Symone, is fighting for her life. David is facing some emotional challenges with his daughter in critical condition and our prayers and positive energy will help him and his daughter, Symone. Take a minute and send him an email letting him know that you are thinking of his daughter, Symone. He has set up a special email address is and you can also visit the special web site he set up to keep people posted on his daughter’s progress at Let him know that you are an IGHS member who cares. He needs the positive encouragement during this difficult time.

Dear David,
I am at a loss for words.  I am so sorry what has happened to your daughter. Please hold my compassion in your heart and hold your daughter in the light as she makes this transition. She truly is an angel, and time can be so very cruel when it calls the angels back home.  If you need a place to take retreat, David, you are always welcome here at Mulgan.  My love and prayers are with you and your daughter.  Please don't give up on the Light.

my prayers are for Symone,

may her recovery be a miracle.
may she recover fully and may she recover quickly.

my prayers

Hi, David,

As soon as I heard about the accident I sent the information to a prayer/meditation group I attend. We got on it right away.
I was so relieved to read the latest update on Symone’s web site and to hear that she has stabilized.
I see her well and recovered.
She’s so lucky to have you as her dad with all your love and support!

Hi David,
I'm so sorry to hear about Symone. My thoughts are with you and I will definitely join the meditation Monday night.
love and light

 Oh my God!!! david, I'm so sorry to hear that!! I hope she makes a full
recovery, I'll let everyone on my end know.

I'll try to be there, I'll most likely be getting off of work at 2:00am
but hopefully I'll get off work early.  I'll keep
you posted, ok?

Please give my my most heartfelt best to the family, ok?

I'll see you Monday,

Dear Symone, David & family
All I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery (althought I know that this process will take time). I hope you do not suffer too much pain and am very relieved to know that you did not break any bones.
When I saw your picture online with the accompanying story, my heart immediately went out to you and your family. I know how difficult the last few years have been for all of you and sincerely wish you all the best through this very trying time!
Get well soon - love,

Hi David.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We hold you daughter Symone in prayer for full recovery.
We wish you and all others member of your family peace and blessings at this time.
[ Cape Town, South Africa]
Hi David...I do hope this email finds Symone healing rapidly.
I did try to enter the audio chatroom but for some reason could not connect.  However, I did tune into Symone and send her healing energy.  I'm sure that all those people focussed on her, on her picture, will have made an enormous difference.
lots of love and thinking of you

Dear David and Family,

We will all pray for your beautiful daughter Symone and we are so sorry to hear such tragic news.

Our love to you at this time.

From all at DMG ( The MindBodySpirit Team )

Much Love,

Dear David,
I am so sorry to learn that your daughter has been badly hurt and is in critical condition.  With your permission I will do some distance surrogate tapping to help her. We have to beleive in miracles if we want them to happen. We are all connected to the Universal Brotherhood.
Love and blessings to you and your family.

Hi David,
This is Dave and Sharon of We read on Jeff Rense web site of the tragic accident involving your daughter Symone. We are asking our on-line Newsletter readers (17,000 subscribers) to pray and send positive energy to Symone. You do not need to answer this email, we just wanted you to know we are encouraging our members to pray for her recovery.

Dear Jeff,

I met David John Oats a number of times when I was involved (and past president) of "The Listeners Club," in Denver, Colorado as well as all of us having dinner a few times with The Listeners Club Gar and Heather Bergsted in Broomfield.
Symone and I spent some time together in conversation during these dinner parties, and even went shopping together with Heather Bergsted on occassion. She is such a lovely, intelligent and kind girl. I enjoyed being around her so much.
I/we are heart sick at her injuries. Being in a serious auto accident 4 years ago, I am still reeling from a Mild Closed Head Injury and its ramifications of memory and head pain. So I know a little bit of what to expect once she is out of this critical time. I wish there was something I could do....
My family and I send our prayers and best wishes to the Oates family and will be praying and meditating on Sunday and every day.
Please let me know where we can send a card (snail mail) and a donation to help with the families expenses.

Sorry & shaken to hear about this tragic accident.

I shall pray for you Symone/

With Love

James Scott

(A Brit in Moscow)

David & Family, 

I'll keep this short. 

Just saw the news on Jeff Rense' site.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at
 this difficult time.  Know that you have a lot of friends you don't even know. 

Very best wishes for a safe recovery for Symone. 

Dear David, 

I'm shocked and very saddened to learn of this. I'm going to be there on July 4th to participate, 
and until then, my prayers are going to be with you...and Symone. 


Hi David ,
Sorry to hear about your daughter.
I have been doing what I can on distance healing.
She is getting allot of help from prayers and all !

Dear David
I am so terribly shocked and sad to hear about your daughter's accident. Please know that I am thinking of you and the family during this very difficult time. Please let me know how she is doing? Miracles do happen as I have seen so many times in my life and one has to hope and give her all the positive energy one is capable of.

My prayers are with you and daughter.. Our family have been taking some unbelievable 'hits' coming from a source of which I am not sure. Terese told me to surround my family with the light of God, and it seems to be helping. On the 4th, I wil join in spiriit with the mass meditation for your daughter. Blessings

Hi David
Thank you for your call last week and thank you for the package which also arrived. 
We were saddened and shocked to hear of Symone's accident.  We had only met Symone at the Melb. MBS Festival a couple of weeks earlier, you were giving a talk when we were chatting to her and Jeff.  Both Peter and I have been praying for her recovery and safekeeping as well as sending you and your family our love at this tragic time.
Thank you for inviting us to the special meditation tomorrow evening, we will certainly be present.  I have also asked some friends of ours who are healers to pray for Symone and to tune in tomorrow evening.
I have some information regarding hotels etc. for the August training, however, I have deliberately held off contacting you because of Symone.  I will email you the details next week.  Please let me know if either of us can assist you in any way.  We continue our prayers and to send love and light and healing to you all.
Kindest regards

I am ****** in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am a member of the fact Dave and Sharon are very dear friends of mine. Sharon wrote to tell me about your daughter. My prayer, wish, hope and thought is for her complete recovery. She will be in my thoughts daily and I will keep check on how she is doing

This Gentleman was instrumental in helping my friend
Dannion Brinkley in his recovery process after being struck
by Lightning.....Please share this with Symone as i feel it will
help her as well....My prayers and thoughts to Symone and her family...
                                           With Love,

Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let your petitions be made known to God; and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6,7  (New World Translation)
I prayed to my God, Jehovah, for Symone and her family.     I received an e-mail from Treyce d'Gabriel, requesting our prayers.  My best wishes to you all.
Hi Everyone ,
        Please put Symone Oates in your prayers . I'm
asking for the Lord toguide and direct the Doctors
decsions as they go about working on her . I thank you
all in advance for all your prayers , God Bless ,

Hi David ,
      I just wanted you to know that now , just
minutes later , responses from across America are
pouring in . Just wanted to assure God's attention has
certainly been caught .  God Bless , William

P.S. I'm going to print her photo and attach to my
computer ........... I'll be in prayer several times a
day ..........

William H. Yarroll II
Life Management

Hi Everyone !!
       First I want to thank all of you for your
prayers for Symone !! I just got an update from David
and the presure in her brain is increasing , this is a
sign we need to crank up the prayers !!
       Some of you know the story in the Bible about
the woman who kept going back to the judge with her
request until he finaly ( my translation ) got sick
and tired of hearing about it and gave her the request
. Never considering myself as probably being on Gods
top ten list of doing life anywhere near the way he'd
wanted me to , I find comfort in this " annoying Him "
until he grants the request method !!!
      So please press the forward on this e-mail ,
send it to your friends and family , USC and UCLA fans
, Democrats and Republicans , Enemys and Ex's ,
and lets pray for Symones FREEDOM from these symtoms
this 4th of July weekend and peace for her and her
family on her road to recovery !!!
                  God Bless you all !!! William

Hi Everyone !!
           Well Glory to God !!!!! ( I think rather
appropriate " Christianese " , under the circumstances
!! ) Symones swelling and fever have both subsided .
The Neurosurgeon is refering to this as a ; " Miracle
" ( Websters ; an event beyond explanation ) sounds
right to me !!!!!
          "What did you do over the 4th of July
weekend ?", " Oh got involved in an international
prayer effort for a wonderful 17 year old who fell
seventy feet , and was taking a dramatic turn for the
worse , when we all joined forces and a miracle
happened and she had a great turn around and you ??? "
           Just a few of the related " mini miracles "

happening in relationship to this effort 1) One man
finaly decided to take a copy of Symones picture over
to his neighbors ( he'd been angry with for over a
year about some unreturned borrowed tool ) He and the
neighbor wound up playing checkers and praying for
Symone . One husband and wife respected my request
that whatever they were arguning about would have to
be set to the side , I needed them to join forces in
prayer for Symone , they forgave each other and are
going out for a romantic dinner tonight . etc, etc ,
etc .
          So I'm asking David,her father, to pass
along my thanks and appreciation to her for helping so
many at a time when technicaly speaking shes " doing "
nothing , just " being " there in her induced coma
state and touching many , many lives and situations in
the process . I'm thinking shes a very excellent
teacher .           May God richly Bless you all !!

William H. Yarroll II

To the David Oates Family,

We are joining with the many others around the world, who are praying for Symone. We've just become aware of her accident through the news letter we received from Dave and Sharon of the IGHS. I saw her picture, what a beautiful young lady she is. I have visualized her and performed a distant healing and sent this healing energy to Symone. I will continue to pray and ask for her complete recovery, starting today and all the tomorrow's that follow. I will also pray for her family and friends, whose lives have been changed by this accident. You patiently and lovingly wait and pull together and share feelings and thoughts. If worries seem to surround you, may you know that, even in the silent times, our prayers for Symone continue to stretch around the world.
Dave, I admire your never-ending stream of success with EVP reverse speech. Thank you for your dedication and work and especially for sharing your knowledge with us. Love and Blessings to you and your family.

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