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I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for Symone's recovery.  It seems almost a miracle that she survived a fall of 70 feet so I am sure you are thankful for this.
You probably get a lot of ideas, but I thought I would add mine to the list.  Since I am in San Antonio, TX  USA,  I am not sure how helpful they will be. 
One idea is something called Willard's Water (brand name) here that is also called catalytically activated water and can be added to distilled water to drink like normal drinking water (it has no taste).  You may be able to find a booklet about it at a health food store (or more info on the Internet) that describes all the applications and uses, but mainly I am thinking it may help prevent infection.   
The second idea is to check into Apitherapy after she gets out of the hospital.  This is a therapy using honey bees and bee products.  It is helpful for inflamation and many other problems.  I believe the American Apitherapy Society is at but could be worth considering.  I was hoping to become a certified Apitherapist, but my parents have been keeping me busy with their health problems. There is also an International Society in Italy that may be helpful in locating local assistance.
Of course Symone's doctors would need to approve of any of these ideas before using.
I hope that is some help or at least encouragement.  Also, I saw your info on the site that I recently became aware of.
God Bless,

Hello David and all Symone's loved ones,

Hang in there and don't let the rough times get you down.  As I'm sure many people have told you,
recovery from brain injury is like a roller coaster.  Try to get through the lows by knowing that another
high is on its way.  You have the love and support of so many people...hold onto that when you are discouraged. 
Know that better times are ahead.  I check Symone's update every day, and I'm pulling for you all.

Peace and bright blessings to you,

Dear David,
             its so sad to hear about symone's tragic accident. My brother was hit by a car when he was a little boy
and suffered a massive head injury so I know the long and exhausting journey you and symone will endure but
she is a fighter and she will work through this. My mum is actually a founding member of Brain Injury Network
of South Australia and she helped start this because of my brother and people like symone. I don't know why
bad things happen to those we love but I do know it makes our love for them stronger and as long as she
has your love and support she can do anything.

                  My hope and support Rheannon

Dear David,

Symone appears to be doing very nicely--how wonderful that is!!!!!  What a wonderful gift to have the young man
Adam working with you and symone I was browsing around Symone's site and read about him. 
What an extraordinary young man and so very young.  Just wanted to keep in touch and say hello--
you and Symone are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Light and Blessings to All--June

hey david

i don't know if im sending this to the right place but..... if i am i just wanted to tell u that symone is
one of the nicest and wonderful girls i have ever  met i worked at cunninghams with her until the accident,
when i started at cunninghams symone was nice to me from the very start she welcomed me and taught me
every thing i wanted to know, she was always happy no matter what was going on in her life she truly is a very
special and beautiful person.i hope u get well soon symone and i wish u a speedy recover.

   Love Jack Mundy xoxox

Hiya beautiful Symone,
You probably won't remember me much but this is Letitia and I used to see you out at parties all the time.
I just wanted to let you know that you really are a trooper and I have faith that you'll recover from this awful tragedy soon!
Sweetie, you are a really fun person to be around and your always doing lots of crazy stuff that we miss so much!
Your friend Vanessa let me know about this website that your dad made and I just think its fantastic -apart from raising
awareness of your situation it has enabled me to hear the truth. I can't even begin to understand how difficult this must
be for you to cope with but I know that there are so many people who love and are here to support you! 
We all have faith that despite the obvious obstacles you'll battle through- always being optimistic and keeping that
cute little smile of yours! Your determination gives many other people across the globe the inspiration to overcome
their own obstacles and be grateful for their own blessings. So thankyou sweetheart Symone... everyone you know is
thinking and praying for you each day, and we all can't wait to see you out again!
Lots of love and hopes for a sound recovery

Hey there!  My heart is beaming much love to/for/in you Symone!

     My prayers are flowing and may her strength be growing and my heart is with you all...especially Symone.
I heard about this from Dr.Turi, through his Dragon newsletter, and I have been sending out this message to my
sister and grandparents and those i know- may the healing light continue to pour forth like cool clensing waters-
           may this love radiate from my heart to yours Symone, my star sister, my friend -may this love blossom in
the heart of the Earth now, in the hearts of all hearts now, in the heart of hearts-NOW.     
I love you- you will be doing even better, i just know it in my heart, you are a beautiful soul and you touch the
hearts of many- may you be blessed 1,000 fold!
faith & baby Dregyn 
Just a short note to let you know that I am continually thinking of you and wish and pray for you to make a full recovery.
You are a beautiful girl with so much life ahead of you. Please get better and know that we are all here for you everyday.
Take care you gorgeous girl.
Love Suzi and Corrie (Cunninghams Warehouse)

Hello Mr.David,

I just read about symone just wishing for her speedy recovery.May god be with you all.
Take Care

I am praying for your daughter and I know she wil be fine take care Dotty

Hi David-----just got the word about Simone from our friend Dr Turi.
So sorry to hear that, glad she is comming out of it----my prayers are with you both.

Love and Blessings,


Dear David,

First off I would like to offer you and Symone my deepest prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.I can resonate with you as a parent with what you are going through, my daughter born June 30th, 1987, was in a boating accident July 13, 1999 and suffered almost parallel to what Symone is . I can say without a doudt that the prayers that where offered for her at that time saved her life. the prognosis for my daughter was almost the same as what the doctors are saying for Symone, my daughter Amber had a part of the frontal lobe removed and also damaged the hypothalamus along with the optical nerve, she now has a plate where the bone of the forehead was. By the grace of our loving God , Amber has made a full miraculous recovery, even her scaring  is not too noticeable. And as to this date has suffered NO lasting damage! Well maybe a little moody...but is that just being a teenage girl.

I will be sure to tell Amber about Symone as I am sure the girls will be able to really connect, right now Amber is in Calgary, Canada , looking for an apartment , as she starts University in the Fall, truly a miracle....and I know this will be for Symone also. My heart pours out love to Symone, you , and your family and friends.

Feel free to contact us at anytime for support we would love to help.And as Dr Turi said this experience will change your life and the life of others , I know it has for us...for the better.

In Love , Light and Sprit,


Dear Mr. Oates,

I have read your site very carefully and recognize problems with your daughter's injury that I can possibly help with.  
As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury myself, I feel for her and what she is going through.  
There are different treatments and insights that may help you and her, as I had to hunt for the proper treatment myself, 
which is working beautifully.

I won't bore you with the details of my injury except to say that it all sounds so familiar, from what I am able to remember.

If you are interested in contacting me for information I would be happy to help out.  
The positive change was so dramatic for me that I try to help as many people as I can with what I have learned.

Kindest regards,

Kathleen Clare

Hi Dear David & family,

As soon as receiving the news of Symone tragedy from an email sent to me from Adam 
family in British Colombia,Canada last week, I quickily sent out an email to ALL MEL, 
Mandkind Enlightenment Love, students in Canada to send energy to her.  
I have been sending remote healing energy to her every night especially her Chakras 6 and 7.
We all pray for her speedy recovery and all our hearts go to her. We also pray for the strength of your family to give her lots of love and strength !!!!

 May God bless and heal her for a FULL recovery !!

All the best to you all.

Love and Light !!

Vincent   (Calgary,Alberta, Canada)

Dear David,

I have been reading the daily notes on Symone's progress--that is just terriffic
that you update that diary.  You too need strength my friend for this roller coaster ride. 
The process is a long one and we grieve for the child that was and embrace the
new child entrusted to our care.  My prayers and Reiki go with you and Symone every day know that you have many to reach out to for support on your journey--God Bless-June

June Smith


How are things travelling for you and the rest of the family & friends of Symone ?. You have certainly done Symone’s cause proud with the website ( which I check each day with caring interest ). I am a year or so older than you and have two families – a daughter turning 30 in September as well as a son and daughter who have just turned 15 & 13 respectively. I have had a very interesting life that has seen me working as a Highway Patrol Officer in NZ for for years, a Correctional Officer in NSW for 16 years, 10 years in IT and in more recent times I have taken up Reiki, studying with the International House of Reiki in Sydney ( Frans & Bronwen Steine ). It was a link to your website on their forum that brought me to you. I am a Level III Practitioner and member of the Australian Reiki Connection ( Practitioner Member ). I am very pleased to see that a lot of strangers are pitching in. Greatly reassuring in an uncertain world.

Keep your chin up

I hope one day to be able to place my hand upon Symone’s brow and complete the connection. The healing process is often slow and unrelenting. Do not despair, you have unseen helpers by your side.

Kind wishes

Ian Stanaway

Hi! David, 
     I am so sorry to here of your daughter's accident.  She is a very pretty girl.  
I know you are proud of her in every way.  My prayers go out to her and the family.  
It takes awhile to get over such a trauma to the brain,but with God's help, she should be okay.  
May God be with you all.
Gail Jones
Yulee, FL.

To whom it may concern:

My father suffered a massive heart attack in March 2005, which resulted in anoxic brain injury. He is currently in the process of rehabilitation. Reading the daily updates is very cathartic, and I keep Symone and her family in my thoughts. Unlike physical trauma, seeing a loved one's mind affected in such a way is extremely difficult. I find my father's slow recovery to often be more emotionally trying than when his life was in jeopardy immediately after the heart attack. I hope for Symone's full and expedient recovery, and will continue to keep her in my thoughts.

Jason Melvin
Pittsburgh, PA

I hope that she gets better. It is a miracle she survived that fall.
Prayers go out to her and her family

my thoughts and prayers go to Symone and her family may god bless her and give her a speedy recovery .god bless. jacqueline

Hello David,

Symone, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Diane from Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dear David,

I want to express by this means my love thoughts to Symone, you, all Family and friends.
I am sure she will recover.
Have Faith in God, and think always positively. Miracles are Divine Realities.
With Love,


I have been reading your website with great curiosity and interest, as I have actually met the amazing Adam, and have briefly chatted with him during 2 of his seminars recently... Since I'm on his email list for "updates", I began to read the story of your daughter's tragic accident, and the wonderful work that Adam is doing to help her. He sure is an amazing young man... beyond words.
However, a cord of empathy was struck when I read about your son Michael, and the date when he died... just before Christmas. My own dad died Dec. 4, 2001 and I wrote the attached in an effort to re-route my emotions in a more constructive way... I hope it helps you, and feel free to pass it on to anyone else who may benefit from it...
I'm not a religious person, in any sense, yet understand and wholeheartedly believe in a Universal power... I will join the efforts to think healing thoughts for your daughter, and I have no doubt that Adam has performed yet another miracle...
Diana Robinson
(north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Dear Sir,

It is indeed an interesting site about the recovery of Symone .
I have been sending energy remotely everyday  to her together
with many students practising M.E.L.--Mankind Enlightenment Love
in Calgary and  other students throughout Canada. We are wish her
speedy recovery and All our thoughts and energy are with her.

It is indeed an excellent site !!!!

We all pray for her to a complete recovery and we will not stop
sending her energy remotely everyday until her full recovery !!!

Love and light

Vincent--- Calgarty..Alberta, Canada


We have never met but I am keeping Simone in my prayers for a speedy recovery. I ask that God will give her and your family the strength needed in this difficult time.
Darlene Becker RN
(Gainesville, GA)
Reiki Master

Hi all! Just catching up on Symone's recovery, and I'm thrilled to hear how well she's doing! I had to format my computer, so I was unable to check for a few days. I've been thinking good thoughts and praying for her recovery. She seems like such a sweet girl. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Please give her a hug from me and tell her I wish her all the best.

Cincinnati, OH  USA

Dear Symone, Jaye, David,

I just read the news from Louis Turi, whom I've known for a long, long time.  Oh, my heavens.  The news was a shock.
Symone, I just learned about your huge fall, and I am grateful that you are healing so quickly. Lots of love and light is sent your way, and many are sending healing thoughts for your complete recovery.  I'll bet no one wants that more than you do.  It sounds like you're making phenomenally fast progress, even though it might not seem so fast to you.  Remember that, if you can imagine being completely well again, you can be completely healed.  The inner strength and drive you've always had will continue to pull you through.  It will be wonderful when you're "up and at 'em" again, Miracle Girl.

Karen Boone

Dear Mr David Oates,

Namaste from India.

I am a friend of Dr Turi's and read about the tragic event about your Sweet Daughter Symone at 

Its really sad but I guess whatever happens happens for a good reason. Be Strong as crying and breaking down will serve no purpose now and only worsen the situation. Be a pillar of Strength my friend.

I am sending you an Inspirational ezine below which has been channelled from God by my Dear God Writer Friend Gloria Wendroff. Hope it comforts you David.

I used to listen to you when you were on with Art Bell - always facinating!!
My prayers and heart go out to you and your daughter, Symone.  This is a difficult time for you and hopefully she will have a complete recovery.  These things can take time and not to get discouraged - there is a Divine Plan at work here.  We want her to get the "lesson" and also to heal and live her life purpose - that is the prayer.
I am hoping to have Dr Turi here in Denver in Oct to teach us how to do what he does - we need all the help we can get - especially now with all the stuff going on around us at every level.
God Bless you and your daughter and family - claim her healing and Thank You God for all the Blessings to come!!!
....JUDITH Lorraine here

Good morning to all of Symone's family. I'm writing to offer support to all of you while Symone is recovering. Four years ago we found out my daughter Heather had a cyst at the top of her spine. It was slowly but continually growing and pushing against her brain. This was causing incredibly painful headaches and she needed surgery to drain the cyst and separate it from her brain. I remember the  emotional strain of  having a family member  incapacitated  and in hospital. I have my Level One in Reiki and I'll be sending treatments  to all the family members as well as Symone.  Situations like these are sure emotionally draining for family members.

   Symone is improving wonderfully. I've been to one of Adam's workshops and he helped me a lot. He's a terrific person. I'll keep sending treatments using the family photos that are posted in this site.  Love and support to all of you. Jill  Armstrong.

Dear Symone,

May God bless you with good health and a speedy recovery and may he restore you to your natural state of love.  I pray that your parents, friends and loved ones can keep the faith that you will be returned to them just as you were before this terrible accident.
I know my God is a good God and he does listen to our prayers. My friend and teacher Dr. Turi is a wonderful man and I'm honored that he cares so much for you and so many, many other people.
You are blessed to know him and you are going to be just fine. And as he says, things happen for a reason and the stars will guide your destiny just as exactly as it was written in your heart and upon your soul. You will emerge an even more beautiful person than before and you will overcome these times.
I will keep you in my prayers and I will ask my God to watch over you and your family to give you all the strength to carry on and know that all will be well in time. Faith is an amazing thing and it works if you believe.
Take care and God bless you and I pray that your life will be even brighter than before!!!! 
With deepest sincerity,
Linda Maria Clark. 

Dear Mr Oates,

Just a brief note of empathy for all that you are going through right  now--I have been through this as my daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1996 she was in a coma for thirty days, for three months there were heart wrenching times I spent 12-14 hours a day with her in the hospital and rehab.  My daughter is doing very well now, living on her own she was 19 at the time of the accident.  As soon as I read Dr. Turi's letter my heart went out to you and your daughter--I am a REIKI practitioner, I was not at the time of my daughter's accident so I will send Reiki to your daughter and for you every morning as that is when I send my distance REIKI you will be in my prayers to the Angels, as I am also an Angel Therapy practitioner--I know there will be a flood of light workers who will be using their modalities on your behalf and Symone's. 
Love, Light, Blessings & Healings to you and your family

Hi, I pray your daughter makes a full recovery, Best Wishes, Jim Gillbanks, England.

Hello, My name is Cheryl Farrell and I am a frient & client of Dr. Turi. I want you to know that I will be praying for Symone's recovery from this day forth. I am a registered nurse in Staten Island, New York, and if there's any medical questions that I can answer or get answer's to, please let me know. God's Blessings to you! Sincerely, Cheryl Farrell

I just got an e-mail from Dr. Turi about Symone, who is now on our prayer list. 

We will keep you and yours in our prayers.  God works miracles every day.

God Bless You and Yours in all You do.



As a parent I can only imagine what you must be going through at this time.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Blessings of Health, Happiness, Healing, and Hope for all!
Gerry Kozlowski
Appleton, Wisconsin

Mr. Oates, 
I am sorry to hear of your daughter's accident,  and by way of Dr. Turi, 
read her story, I would like you to know that I will say a prayer, and continue to pray 
for her recovery.  
God Bless         Donna

Just got the info about Symone from Dr. Turi-Please know my prayers are with you all and your daughter Symone at this time. I had a brain injury in 1996 and wanted to encourage you that the brain can heal. I'm wired a little differently than before and it was a hard and frustrating road  , but I'm now functional and enjoying life.  My husband was very supportive and encouraged the new "me" to emerge. He deserves sainthood! 

Improvement continues for me and at Symones age she should do very well .
Know my thoughts are with you all,
Ingrid Hollis

Dear David Oates: 
Thanks to Dr. Turi for getting the word out about your lovely daughter. 
I've just joined the many who are sending out prayers for her and I know they work. 
God's omnipresence is never asleep as, obviously, you can tell by how much Symone has progressed
since experiencing such a horrible fall.  I printed off the lovely poem Wm Henry Yarrol II wrote about her. 
It will keep me reminded to pray regularly for her. I'll keep updated thru your email. 
My feeling is that she is going to surmount this.  How can she miss with so many saying loving prayers for her. 
God's blessings in the greatest way to her, you and all of you who love her so dearly. 
Jean Loggins, Lakewood, CO.

David, all my love to you both at this time of need.

John Coates.

David, Our big prayers are with you.

Big Blessings to you.
Linda Phillips

Dear Mr Oates,
I am a brain injury survivor, and with the help of therapeutic touch, reiki,
and many wonderful friends who prayed for me, and other holistic healing
practises as well as western medicineI have overcome and my deficits
negilible, I tell you this to encourage you.

I belong to a prayer group and I can assure you,we will be praying daily,
and weekly for your daughter.
There is a very large prayer group in sudbury ontario, as well as many, who
heal from a distance, I was prayed for with this group from sudbury, and
approximately 1 year ago I was healed from a severe back deformity from my
acccident, within the month I was prayed for, and I no longer wear the body
brace I had worn since 1993. Miracles do happen, and rest assured she will
be prayed for and healing sent to her,by a large group daily.
I have been to the nearby church, and lit candles for her. Prayers are very
powerful, and I believe with my whole heart that your daughter will have a
miracle and be healed.
God bless you, and your daughter, on the journey you are presently
experiencing,  and belive with your whole heart their will be a miracle.

Love light rainbows and sun

Heather Barnard

Dear readers;

Before reading this Astropsychology report please go to and pray for Symone. 
We can tap on the Superconscious in time and space and help her to a fast recovery and with your help 
it can and will be done.Her dad "David Oates" is a famous reverse speech investigator 
and a good friend of mine. 
Please send him a note of support at 
Dr Turi

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