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There will be a fourth special meditation (or "Metawalk") for Symone in the Reverse Speech audio chat room Tuesday night August the 2nd at 7:30pm AEST in Australia. That will be 2:30am Tuesday morning PST in the States. You can get to the audio chat room by following the instructions below. If you need further help with the room contact Jeff Toth at or phone 61 8 8382-4372. If the chat room is full, or you are unable to log in to it, you can also listen to the metaphor journey on the shoutcast server on Also if you want to talk personally to David Oates, Symone's father, he is often in the chat room during most days. Just log in and say hi.

The first Metawalk held July the 4th can be downloaded in mp3 format by clicking here
The second Metawalk held July the 19th can be downloaded in mp3 format by clicking here
The third Metawalk held Live in Townsville July the 31st can be downloaded by clicking here


Audio Chat Room
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(A Metawalk is the name given to the unique form of hypnosis developed by the founder of Reverse Speech, David John Oates. The term combines the use of two words - Meta, short for "Metaphor" - and Walk, coming from the aboriginal term "walkabout", which is a spiritual journey in the desert. Hence a "Metawalk" is a spiritual hypnotic journey through the metaphors of the unconscious mind as revealed through Reverse Speech.)

Subliminal Metawalks For Symone

The first personal metawalk designed for Symone was made on July the 14th and was embedded subliminally into relaxing music at the beginning of side one and side two of a 90 minute tape. (For more information about subliminal messages click here.) The metawalk was short and simple, only 5 minutes long and used 3 main Reverse Speech metaphors (listed below). The purpose of this metawalk was to facilitate the rebuilding of her mind by encouraging cell regeneration and the re-establishment of neural pathways.

Extracts from the Reverse Speech Metaphor dictionary

ELF/ELVES (Structural) see Gnome; message centers in the brain; electrical impulses between the "parts" of the mind; "elves" - the messages from one part of the brain to the other. Trance image; small elves no more than three feet tall sometimes appearing in the hundreds under the foliage of the Garden.

HOUSE (Structural) see home; a metaphor for the mind with house being the totality of mind and rooms in the house representing specific mental functions or parts of the mind. Trance image; a  multi roomed two-story house

LAMB (Structural) see Anima, Animus, Nest, Savior, Shepherd; a prime structural metaphor; innocence; pure, gentle spirit; the original untainted metaphor; the innocent seed of life; the corner foundation stone from which all other metaphors are born.  Trance image a young innocent lamb.

Click here to download the original version of the metawalk
Click here to download a section of tape into which the metawalk was embedded

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