" Movement by Symone "
Today she reached for her sister Jaye's hand ,
and placed it onto her HEART to show the plan !!
I'll do my best with simply mortals words ,
To convey what God and Angels have heard !!
I'll let these words flow not from head , but HEART,
I know that's the place she would like me start !!
It may not be a place , you'd like to really go ,
There may be hurt inside , you'll have to let go !!
From her many of us live very , very far away ,
Yet for some she has got us on our knees to pray !!
and now there are things you can do to help her live
 Go to that person today , that its time to forgive!!
Reach out , listen and honor another's soul ,
This is the beginning of how to make them whole !!
Take time each day to move thoughts down to your HEART,
Your life will become more blessed , that's where to start !!
Today if you'll take time to love and give others a few smiles,
You'll be sending recovery across the miles !!
She'll sense you've got this message , she won't be alone ,
In her heart she'll know you joined; the "  Movement by Symone "
By William Henry Yarroll II
July 4th, 2005


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