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Ever since the accident happened, Symone has been getting regular treatment from an extremely gifted Remote Healer named Adam as arranged by Jeff Rense.  Adam is said to be another Edgar Cayce and that he can not only 'enter' a person's body from any distance and see exactly what it going on inside, but he can also energize and facilitate the body's own healing of itself from the subatomic level on up with bursts of his own energy.  Click here for more information on Edgar Cayce.

Here is some of the correspondence that has been occurring during Adam's treatments on Symone. Some names have been deleted on request. As you can imagine, the requests and demands for Adam's time are absolutely enormous.  I request that you please see the bottom of this page for a personal message from Jeff regarding Adam, and direct any further questions to Jeff at

I hope this short series of emails gives everyone an idea of what Adam has been doing and how his remote healing has been helping Symone's body mend itself.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Adam for his help.

Note by David Oates 8/8/05: In addition to the massive amount of prayers being prayed for Symone, I credit Symone's amazing recovery to Adam and his work, and the awesome gift he has been given. We can directly trace Symone's steps of recovery to the healing sessions that Adam has conducted with her. I strongly suggest you go to Adams website linked at the bottom of this page and order his books. They are amazing books and explain exactly how Adam has been able to do this.

Symone was given virtually no hope of recovery by the doctors after her accident. At worst we were told to expect brain death and paralysis, and at best a period of at least 6 months before we saw any improvement. When Adam first looked at her brain he saw no activity going on. As he did his remote healing sessions, brain activity began to return rapidly and now, a mere six weeks after the accident, Symone is speaking rationally and has full use of all her limbs (except for some stiffness in her right leg). Her full recovery is now a virtual certainty over the next few weeks and months. We thank God for answering our prayers and bringing Adam into Symone's life.


From Jeff - 25th of June

I'm praying she is holding on tight.
I am contacting the most gifted remote healer
I've ever known...with your permission.

Please email me a recent photo of Symone
as soon as possible...please make it
a clear, digital front view.

From Jeff - 25th of June

I just received this back from ******.
Please take it absolutely seriously - and
try your best to do what he requests.

Adam is stunningly GIFTED.
He is another Cayce...and beyond.

I'll advise ***** of Symone's last name,
of course.

I will let you know immediately what
Adam finds...and what work he may
be able to do.

From Adam's family to Jeff - 25th Of June

Adam will take a look at Symone at 11am PST tomorrow (Saturday). What is
Symone's last name? I would like someone to be with her when Adam takes a
look and if she is conscious, to let her know about Adam. Please try to keep
everything quiet around her for about 15 minutes during Adam's treatment.
Do not disturb or speak with her during this time period. 11 to 11:15am
Let me know if anything happens during the treatment.

From Jeff - 26th of June

I just spoke to ***** and Adam went there
and looked (at Symone).  He described the most badly
injured side and said there is still intracranial
bleeding which is a major concern.
He will look in again tomorrow.

It is terribly serious, obviously.  But ***** said,
as a caveat, that Adam looked at one girl
about the same age who had a similar terrible
brain injury suffered in a 120 mph car crash.
That girl is back at the University now.
There IS hope.   We must HOLD on to that.

I will let you know immediately when I
hear anything further.

I continue praying for her.  I dreamed
about this last night.  I feel a great
deal of your pain.

26th of June

David's comment to Jeff: "Oh, I forgot to say there was one minor thing I noticed about 5 minutes before Adam's treatment started at 11, Symone's eyes flickered just momentarily - david"

Response from Jeff -  **** said Adam started the treatment a few minutes before eleven.

Adam's Family To Jeff - 27th of June

Adam says it looks better than yesterday. He sees less bleeding.
Please get back in a week's time as Adam would like to wait a week unless
there are any significant changes.

Adam's Family To Jeff - 4th of July

Great news. Interesting things always happen when Adam makes the connection.
If they are still interested, Adam will take another look after they try to wake her. Someone needs to be with her when he makes the next connection so
that he can get appropriate feedback.

From Jeff - 4th of July

Adam indicated he wanted to
as soon as they bring her out
of sleep.  I'll let you know
the moment I hear from them.

Adam's Family To Jeff - 5th of July

Let's setup a time when she is fully aware of Adam's treatment. What would
be a good time for them so that someone can be with her? We are PST.
Should be today or tomorrow as we are heading for ******* on Wednesday.

From Jeff - 6th of July

If she awakens enough tomorrow
my time, I'll see if Adam can look in
on her. I've been sending them
all the updates, so they are fully
up to speed.

From Jeff - 7th of July

Tried to get you on the cell a number of times
but knew you were in the room and were
not answering.

Adam was there.

At exactly 1 am Pacific.

He said there is a LOT
of activity going on in her mind.

 ***** will talk to him more in the morning.

Look for more progress...

From Jeff - 8th of July

He did the treatment at 1am Pacific this past night.

Adam's Family to Jeff - 8th of July

Earlier, with her brain damage, there wasn't much happening.
Now Adam see lots of activity which he feels is good news.
What Adam was doing was giving her a burst of Universal
energy which he has the ability to guide. That's all he can say at this time.

Please keep us updated on her condition.

From Jeff - 9th of July

I've asked ***** if they want to go to a higher
public profile with Adam's work on Symone.
They are very quiet because the demands and
numbers of requests for his help are
already ENORMOUS. His work is focused on
teaching self-empowerment to large groups.

Adam's Family to Jeff - 12th of July

Hi Jeff

Adam will be taking a look at Symone tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:30am pst. I know this won't be a good time for everyone in Australia but that was the only time we have available.

Adam's Family to Jeff - 13th of July

Adam says the cells are regenerating rapidly.
That's good news - but he doesn't understand why.

Adam will take another look in a day or 2.

Adam's Family to Jeff - 17th of July

Hello Jeff

Adam will be taking a look at Symone at 11:30am PST (today - Sunday July 17).
He will focus a little on her ability to talk.  Please let them know if possible.

(Note: It was around this *precise time* that Symone started to talk - here is my email in response...

"WOW!!!!!! That is simply awesome Jeff!!!!!  I am lost for words - he is an amazing young man!!"

Adam's Family to Jeff - 18th of July

Hi Jeff

Adam finished the treatment on Symone. He worked on her voice.
She should be talking soon. Her brain looks good. Much of it has
healed except for a small area the size of a golf ball.

Adam's Family to Jeff - 19th of July

Hi Jeff

David should discuss that Adam will be looking at her at 9:30pm Pacific.
At 9:30 pm, he should let her relax, undisturbed (lights dimmed)
for about 15 minutes.

Maybe put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door for that time.
Just tell her to stay relaxed.

He can sit there and visualize his daughter as she was prior to the accident.-
Also, ask Symone to think about her body being perfectly healthy as
before the accident.

Tell Symone this before Adam's treatment

"a wonderful young man - about your age - who is a healer and lives in Canada
has been visiting in your mind...and will be stopping by again now to say hello
and instruct your body to continue to heal itself."

David To Jeff - 19th of July

Hi Jeff - It all went well.  She was very calm and still during Adam's treatment, whereas previously she had been distressed.  I told her 2-3 times that Adam was visiting her and she said, "I know, I know" - quite clearly. I will send you more information in my next update which i am writing now - david

Adam's family to Jeff - 20th of July

Let's set up 09:30 PM PST July 20th for another look at Symone.
Adam wants to work on her vertebrae.

Adam's Family to Jeff - 20th of July

Hello Jeff -

I don't think it is necessary negative that Symone is fidgeting or biting.
She is feeling her way through what is her body and what doesn't belong
there i.e. the tube. The biting is another way of feeling and accessing
that. Just like a little kid would. She is getting used to everything again.
With any recovery there will be good days and bad days, especially with brain
injuries. She is anxious to feel control over herself again. Adam will be
looking at her as planned tonight 09:30pm pst and will be focusing on her
vertebrae. Adam will also try to relax her so that she is not afraid.

From Jeff - 21th of July

Adam was there again last night, 9:30 pm our time, July 20.
Today's Evening of July 21 update is wonderful!

From Adam's Family to Jeff - 21st of July

Adam took a look at Symone July 20th at 9:30pm pst. She is looking better.  Her brain is  looking good, in addition to calming her, Adam focused mainly on her back and neck. There could be a lot more sporadic movement (more than normal) over the next little while.

From Adam's Family to Jeff - 21st of July

Thanks, Jeff. We are very pleased for Symone and her family.
I am sure that they appreciate all the caring work you have
done in this process. It would be nice to hear a response
from Symone on what she feels after the next treatment.
However, I know it might be a bit too soon for that.
Keep up the good work, Jeff.

From Adam's Family to Jeff - 22nd of July

Hello Jeff

At this stage, in order for her recovery to continue at its current rate, we have to make sure that all those around Symone understand the visualizations and process for the healing to continue. It should be Symone and her family and friends who continue the healing process. They should understand Adam's books in order to do this. This is what Adam teaches those who come to his workshops...since he is unable to help everyone individually. They should refer to the lightning bolts page 127 (book 2) for brain repair; repair of the spine, page 146 (book 2); and for her walking, page 145 (book 2). Adam will continue to do a couple more treatments but he would like Symone to eventually take over her own healing. It is essential for Symone to feel control over the situation in order to continue the recovery. These visualizations will empower her to that end. Trauma like this effects both mental and physical. These visualizations will help bring it all together for her.

From Adam's Family to Jeff - 28th of July

Hi Jeff

Adam will be working on Symone (mainly her strength) tomorrow (Wednesday,
July 27) at 09:30pm PST That will be 02:30pm Thursday afternoon EST in Australia.


From David to Jeff

When I told her it was going to happen she seemed a little apprehensive about it at first. But she seemed to clearly know what was going to occur and I told her to relax and picture a nice peaceful garden in her mind and see herself very healthy and strong walking in that garden. She responded to these very well, becoming quite still and relaxed for almost the entire session with Adam. After Adam's session she perked up even more, becoming relatively chatty.

From Adam's Family to Jeff - 2nd Of August

Hello Jeff

After tonight's session, Adam says Symone's brain is looking good and she continues to recover amazingly well. Her recovery will just take time from her on in. He'll try to get another treatment in the next few days. Hope they enjoy Adam's books which should be arriving any day. David and Symone are lucky to have a friend like Jeff Rense who understands and accepts distant healing and the ability of the body to heal itself.


Adam's Family to Jeff - 12th of August

Thanks for the update Jeff.

I have booked Symone for an Adam treatment on Aug 17th at 09:30pm pdt.
I'll ask him to work on Symone's right leg and brain swelling.
Unless Symone has any specific request...


From Adam's Family To Jeff, August 19th

Hi Jeff

Adam worked on Symone's nervous system especially for her right side.
He said that her brain still looks pretty good to him. Let's just see how
this treatment helps her pain and right side.

From Jeff - August 21st

Adam was able to ease the pain.
Now watch the progress continue

To Jeff from Adam's family August 22nd

Thanks, Jeff...

Adam says it is not necessary for him to do a lot of treatments on Symone
now. Her body will continue the healing and it sounds like she has the best
facility available for rehab.

He says that she will eventually live a normal life with a few minor irritants.
Pretty good outcome considering what happened.

We will see how things progress and when Symone thinks she would
benefit from a treatment she can let us know through yourself.

Good work, Jeff.



Personal Message From Jeff...

As I am certain you can well understand and appreciate, Adam receives countless requests for  one-on-one healing work.  Unfortunately, he is just one person and it is simply impossible for him to answer the deluge of requests.  For those of you who have followed Adam's progress on my program and site, and elsewhere, you'll know that he is dedicated to empowering people to do their own healing. And they CAN.  Adam requests that everyone wishing to learn more about  him - and healing - please try to attend one of his workshops, and to read his books (which are fascinating). Currently, his workshops are only being held in Canada (see his website below) but the demand has grown so much, they hope to offer some in the US next year.  As you would expect, Adam, at 19, is extremely busy, attends university and has an incredibly demanding schedule.  For more information about this extraordinary young man, please see the following:

All About Adam - 16 Year Old BC Remote Healer

The Mysterious Miracle Worker

Adam's Website

The Jeff Rense Show
Featuring David Oates and "Adam"
August 9th 2005

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