The Adelaide Sunday Mail

21st May 2006


Australia's "Thats Life" Magazine

September 9th 2005



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Media Articles About Symone


The Jeff Rense Show
Featuring David Oates and "Adam"
August 9th 2005

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The Adelaide "Sunday Mail"
August 7th 2005

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Symone's recovery was discussed on the monthly DJO Internet show on the 22nd of July.

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Worldwide on the Internet Article
June 30th 2005

David John Oates'
Daughter Severely Injured
Reverse speech founder David John Oates' daughter, Symone, suffered severe head injuries several days ago and remains in critical condition. David is the pioneer of Reverse Speech and has been a regular visitor to our program for many years. His scores of appearances have provided remarkable insight into the human condition and the world. His enormously respected net site at presents a vast amount of Reverse Speech examples and information. David has spent over 20 years of his life in giving his work to the world. He lost his only son in a drowning accident serveral years ago and now his daughter, Symone, is fighting for her life. We received the following message today:
The Oates family has suffered a tragedy. David Oates' daughter, Symone, fell 70 feet from the top story of a shopping center. She is in critical condition with severe brain injury. Everyone is asked to please pray for her recovery.
There will be a special meditation help for Symone in the RS audio chat room this Monday night July 4th at 7:30 AEST - that will be 2am Monday morning PST - you can get the to RS audio chat room by following the instructions on this page - if you need help in getting into the room contact Jeff Toth at or phone 011 61 8 8382-4372.
The meditation will also be broadcast on the shoutcast server on




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