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Update Late Afternoon of July the 31st: Symone was doing very well today. When I talked to her on the phone, her voice was even stronger than a couple of days ago and she was able to hold an intelligent coherent conversation. Her Grandparents and Jeff report that she looked very alert and was quite calm and relaxed, except for some minor moments of restlessness. She was able to correctly identify what day it was, saying "Sunday" very clearly when asked and made several other relevant points in conversation. And Jeff reports that just yesterday she had operated the remote control of her TV set properly, changing channels to watch a program she wanted to watch. She was also moving her right leg a lot more than previously and had it halfway bent up during the afternoon.

Earlier this morning, however, she had complained about having pain and was quite distressed about it although she couldn't exactly pinpoint where the pain was coming from. The nursing staff got a neurologist in to look at her and he couldn't localise the pain either but suspected that it may just be the fact that she had been in bed for such a long time. Nevertheless they gave her some pain medication, Panadeine Forte, and this seemed to calm her down. She slept for about an hour after being given it.

She is complaining more and more about her food and is probably almost ready to start eating normal meals and have the stomach plug removed. Also, her restlessness and pain could simply be the fact that she has been in bed for almost 6 weeks now and is ready to start to move around a lot more. This will happen when she is transferred to Rehab and the intensive work will begin. So, things are doing well and she is well on the way to her full rehabilitation which we are all praying for and believing will happen.


Update Evening of July the 30th: Symone is getting stronger everyday. Jeff reports that today she was trying to get out of bed again, and at one stage asked Jeff to help her to the toilet which, of course, he couldn't do because physically she isn't at that point yet. Her mind seems to be healing faster than her body at this stage. She keeps on saying she wants to eat a normal meal but when the food comes she's not hungry. This is because she is still being fed four times a day through the stomach plug and simply doesn't have the room for regular food.

She is also becoming more self aware. For example she is becoming aware that she is fidgety and biting things and, to quote her own words, "I just want to be normal again." She is also more aware that she is in hospital and she is saying that she wants to come home. Yesterday she said, "Tell Grandma and Grandpa so they can get me out of here." She also said, "It was really horrible what happened to me." So that shows she is getting more awareness about the accident.

She is missing me and said today that she is lonely without Dad. That is pretty good too because I have only been away for two days so far, so I am hoping that maybe her short term memory is beginning to return.

Other than that there is not much change. It seems that she has levelled out a bit in her recovery the last few days, after her rapid reawakening the last two weeks. We were told to expect this by the doctors - periods of recovery followed by periods of levelling out. So all in all things are as, or better, than expected. She is still talking a lot and having moments of being fidgety and biting, but is peaceful for the most part. She is getting plenty of visitors so that's good too.

The real dramatic changes, we have been told, will start when she gets into the Rehabilitation Centre. That may happen as soon as late next week. As always, we will keep you all posted.


Update Late Afternoon of July the 29th: Symone was resting for most of the day, although a little restless when her Grandparents were there, tugging on her feeding tube and pulling her sheets off again, but not biting a great deal. She was also talking quite a lot. Some of the things she was saying were relevant, other times they weren't. However when I called and spoke to her on the phone she was quite lucid and we had an ordered relevant conversation. (I am currently out of town lecturing.) Her voice seemed even stronger today than it was yesterday. I asked her how she went in physiotherapy today and she said she hadn't gone. I later checked this out and found it was indeed true. After her mishap during the therapy session yesterday they decided to give her a rest today.

The hospital staff tell me that they took her outside later on in the day to watch the ducks in the pond and she really liked that, brightening right up and chatting away. So not such a bad day today after all.

That's about all I know so far. I will post more when I get a report from Jeff later on.


Update Evening of July the 28th: I uploaded a couple of audio clips of Symone talking today. You will notice the improvement in her voice even from a couple of day ago. Click here for audio page.


Update Late Afternoon of July the 28th: Symone had another mixed day today. After a restless night last night she woke up quite bright this morning and was interacting well with the hospital staff. While she was having her physiotherapy treatment this morning she was initially doing quite well, better than yesterday and the day before according to the physiotherapist. However, when they were attempting to help her stand up in a special machine that helps her to stand, she had what the hospital staff called a mini-seizure. Her legs suddenly collapsed and she became immediately non responsive - not talking, responding to any commands or able to hold herself up, including her head. She was even unable to sit in her chair so they put her to bed where she slept soundly for a couple of hours.

When we arrived she was still asleep. She woke up after a while but it took her considerable time (about an hour) to come around and be able to talk properly, or recognise who we were. But her faculties slowly returned and she correctly identified me as "Dad." I asked her if she knew my name and she said "David", and I asked her if she knew what work I did and she said "Reverse Speech." So that was all good.

She had another treatment with Adam this afternoon and when I told her it was going to happen she seemed a little apprehensive about it at first. She seemed to clearly know what was going to occur and, using hypnotic language, I told her to relax and picture a nice peaceful garden in her mind and see herself very healthy and strong walking in that garden. She could do this quite well and I gave her some of the images to see that I had given her in the subliminal metawalk I did with her. She responded to these very well, becoming quite still and relaxed for almost the entire session with Adam. I plan to make another subliminal metawalk for her next week that will take her even further than the first one.

After Adam's session she perked up even more, becoming relatively chatty. We had a chat about her future and she reiterated her long held desire to become a psychologist and help people. Then I explained to her that I had to go away this weekend to work and that seemed to upset her. She said, "But, I'll be lonely." I told her that her Grandparents and Jeff and Annie would be in to see her plus many of her friends and that made her happy. Some of her friends then arrived and she brightened up even more, chatting away to them, about this and that. Some of the stuff she talked about with them was relevant and other stuff wasn't. She also become restless and agitated periodically during their visit.

Symone fell asleep again after a while, her friends left and her Auntie Annie came in later on. She waited till Symone woke up and she perked up fairly quickly this time. They ended up having a long and coherent chat about old boyfriends and other girl stuff. Her conversations with Annie were quite deep and meaningful, reflecting on the past and some of her hopes for the future.

While we were there we had a meeting with the hospital social worker who arranged a time for us to get together with all the specialists who are working on Symone. This will happen Wednesday next week so that should give us a pretty good update on what exactly is going on, and hopefully some idea about her future prognosis.

So, its been a mixed bag the last couple of days but all in all she is getting better and better, despite a couple of temporary setbacks. This is all part of the healing process and the roller coaster ride we were told to expect. We have been told by several people that the rehabilitation centre she will be transferred to in a couple of weeks located in Hampstead Gardens (right across the other side of town) is one of the best in Australia and she will make huge strides in leaps and bounds once she gets there.

The journey continues and we wait with anticipation to see what will happen next.


Update Late Afternoon of July 27th: Symone was brighter in the mid afternoon. She was pleased to see her Grandparents and other visitors as they arrived. She recognised her Grandparents and some of the other visitors, naming them by name. However she didn't remember my visit of this morning. It was probably a bad morning for her. She was responsive in the afternoon, and aware of her surroundings although not talking a great deal. She ate all her lunch and the nursing staff were generally pleased with her progress.

Later on in the afternoon, she got distressed again but this was due to another bowel problem. She had several huge bowel movements and then fell into a deep sleep.


Update Early Afternoon of July the 27th: It was a discouraging morning with Symone this morning. She wasn't upset or agitated but very vague and dreamy, unable to connect her thoughts or facts. She didn't seem to know who I was and every time I asked her, she said "Grandpa." She also didn't know where she was or what had happened to her.

While I was there this morning the occupational therapist came around and gave her some simple psychological tests which she did not do very well on. She was able to correctly say her name in full but was non responsive when asked where she was, what her age was, what day or time it was, or where she worked etc. This was in stark contrast, the therapist told me, to yesterday morning when she was able to answer all of her questions with great clarity. The therapist gave her a pen this morning and a note pad and asked her to write her name. Symone held the pen correctly but all she did was draw a few circles on the paper. The therapist also asked her to turn the TV on with the remote control but she was unable to do that either. Although, when she had left I asked Symone to turn the TV on again, and she did this time.

This morning just reinforced in my mind that she is still on a long journey, even though she has made some very good initial strides. On the positive front, even though she was vague, her voice was just a little bit stronger and clearer than yesterday.

Comment from Jeff Rense after reading this update...

"I believe this to be a reaction to the massive drugs she has been given since the accident. There is a ton of residue ... it just doesn't disappear. Her body is quite probably going through a cleansing process which will release latent pharmaceuticals and toxins which will make her feel poorly.  WATER is essential...try to keep her as hydrated as possible.  The juices are also extremely important. She will be depressed as well... normal."


Update Morning of July the 27th: I just had a call from the Rehabilitation Centre who have been working with Symone at the hospital and they say she is doing so well, she will be transferred to the centre as soon as a bed becomes available. They estimate in about two weeks. In the session with her yesterday she was moving all her limbs and was correctly spelling words. They anticipate she will be in Rehab for about three months, possibly longer. She should be eligible for day and weekend leave though in a few weeks.

I also just another phone call from a promoter and many of Adelaide's top bands are getting together to do a benefit concert for Symone on September the 17th at Fowler's on North Terrace, Adelaide. This will have local radio coverage and all proceeds will go towards her rehabilitation. Thank you so much guys! I will keep everyone posted on this via the website.


Update Evening of July the 26th: It was a good day and bad day today. When we first arrived to see her mid-afternoon she was in great distress. In between her tears, crying and agitation she was saying quite clearly, "I'm in pain all over," "They're hurting me," and other things relating to her distress. She had just been given something to make her bowels move and she was experiencing severe stomach cramps. She also had her hands tied down because she had been quite restless earlier on and had been trying to pull her feeding tube out of her stomach. This would be disastrous! Additionally, she had her helmut on although that didn't seem to bother her and the hospital staff said she had not been trying to take it off.  Her voice was plain and clear (despite her crying) and all the statements she made were quite understandable given her situation. In fact, she looked and sounded like a normal person in distress and that's a good thing. It was plain that she had progressed since yesterday. She occasionally tried  to bite my jacket as I was comforting her, but not often.

Finally her bowels moved and we left the room while the nursing staff changed her. When we returned she was considerably calmer and very tired. She slept for about 30 minutes after that.

Earlier in the day she had had a successful physiotherapy session. They had sat her up on the edge of the bed and, although she was a little shaky, she had maintained her balance. Her head was also just a little bit wobbly. They also put her on her feet for the first time, and she had tried to stand on her own but was unable to yet. But this is all good progress. While we were with her we asked her to move her right leg. She bent her left leg all the way up and was able to move her right leg a little bit, about a third of the way up but very shakily.

She had several friends visit her tonight and was able to make conversation with them. Some of this audio is uploaded to the website. Notice how her voice is clearer than the first upload on the 23rd of July, although there is some distress in her voice left over from earlier in the afternoon. Click here for the audio page.  We additionally took some photos of her. These can be viewed by clicking here.

Finally she had a big meal, and ate it all up quickly. We left asking the hospital staff to not allow any more visitors in to see her this evening because she was very tired and just needed to rest.


Update Evening of July the 25th:  Breathtaking! Absolutely breathtaking! I cant think of any other words to describe Symone's recovery. Her rapid re-awakening is quite literally the talk of the hospital.

When we went in to see her tonight, she was sitting halfway up on her own accord, quite calm and lucid. No biting, no agitation and her voice was strong with no hint of a whisper. This was Symone's voice I was hearing and it was my little girl who greeted me with a nice solid "Hi guys!"

She was moving her body forward into an almost sitting position, not quite yet, but she must surely be only a couple of days away from it. And apparently just before we came in she said she wanted to go to the toilet and tried to get out of bed to go! I went to feed her one of her thickened drinks and she grabbed the cup with her hand, held it to up to her mouth with steady hand movements and drank it all up all by herself! Then she wanted another one. I filled the cup, gave it to her again and she also drank it up all by herself. Simply stunning!

One of her friends came in while I was there and asked her if she knew who he was, and Symone just laughed this little wicked laugh as though she was saying, Of course I do, then she said "Yes." She said lots of other things too, all relevant and to the point with no hint of some of the wild erratic statements she was making even yesterday.

This is surely a miracle of huge magnitude!

When it finally came time for us to go because she was getting tired and wanted to sleep, I reached down to give her a hug goodbye and she threw her arms around me, patted me on the back and gave me a huge kiss, saying "I love you."

Tomorrow we will take some photos and video of her to put on her website. I was waiting till she was better before I did this because I wanted people to see her well and not sick as she was. Well, the time has come and she said it was OK too, because i asked her if it was.

Till tomorrow everyone.


Update Midday of July the 25th: Symone was visited this morning by her Grandparents and Auntie Annie. Symone had just come back from physiotherapy and was rather tired. Some good news from the physio is that she had been moving her right leg on her own accord. The rest of her body is still very weak, for example she can't sit up by herself yet but she can hold her head up, and at one stage she leaned forward ever so slightly for a hug.

She also worked with a speech pathologist this morning and correctly identified pictures on cards and completed other tests successfully.

Her voice was stronger, although we still can't understand all of what she says. She comes out with the most amazing statements sometimes. When her Grandma had finished feeding her she said, "Mmm. That was good." Her tone was upbeat and said with conviction. When her Auntie Annie was holding her hand she said to Symone that holding her hand was one of her most favourite things to do in the world. Symone replied, "Well, we should do it more often then." Then she just kept on holding Annie's hand.

She was relaxed this visit for most of the time except for when she wanted to chew on things and she eventually asked for something to chew on. She is still biting things and but nowhere near as much. Just a couple of bites and that's it. This is better than yesterday when she destroyed one of her tops and feeding tube again.

Her visitors eventually left when Symone said she was tired, and as I wrote this update from their reports, they told me everyday she is a little bit better.


Update Mid Afternoon of July the 24th: Jaye just came back from seeing Symone and reports that she was quite frustrated and angry during her visit with her. She was complaining that people were treating her like she was stupid, and she was worried about the cost of the hospital saying its not fair that Dad has to pay for all of this. She was adding up numbers in her mind, saying the drink cost $2.50 and the dinner cost $8, and she had better get back to work soon so she could help Dad pay for it all.

She was complaining about the hospital saying they had put all these holes and tubes in her and made her ugly and no-one would like her anymore. And she was frustrated when some friends came in to see her and she couldn't remember who they were and she kept on apologising.

Mind you, I am not in the least bit worried about all these emotions. In fact I am thrilled! They show she is healing rapidly and is having the normal emotions and thoughts anyone in her position would have. Considering she was on death's door a mere four weeks ago and only given a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery, and then the fears of paralysis or brain death or no recovery, I'd say she's doing just fantastic! Keep it up Symone. You have your whole life in front of you, young lady! And that's something only miracles can bring.


Update Midday of July the 24th: I went down to see Symone early this morning to get her ready for a treatment by Adam at 10:30 am local time. She was bright and alert when I got there and was biting very little this time. She was very chatty, talking almost non stop. A lot of it I couldn't quite catch what she was saying, and sometimes the stuff I did catch seemed non-relevant to anything going on at the time. She seemed to be talking about past events a lot. For example she talked about a night out with her friends, the time we lived in America, and she also talked about a recent family vacation we took to Queensland.

When it came to the time for the distant healing she seemed to understand what was going on. "He's visiting in my mind?" she asked. I said yes. I told her to visualise herself getting well and strong and she said, "I can do that." She was relatively calm and quiet during the 15 minute treatment, and started talking again after it had finished.

I was fortunate to have one of the chief Neuro Surgeons come into her room while I was there and I asked her about her progress. He said she is doing well and said that the young mind can heal very quickly sometimes. I asked him about a couple of areas of concern we had. For example she hadn't been seeing a lot of movement in her right leg the last few days. Her left leg moves a lot but we only seem to be getting very minor movements in her right leg. He said her strength will come back in time. We just have to be patient. I asked him about the biting and her sometimes erratic arm movements, and he said that when patients awaken from a brain injury they often revert to baby like behaviour and the biting is a very young instinct. He said the more primitive parts of the brain awaken first and the higher and more advanced functions will slowly awaken and return in time. So, all in all she is doing very well.

I got my first laugh out of today too. We were outside watching the ducks playing in the pond. She said, "There's, like, heaps of them. I didn't know there'd be so many." I was very pleased to hear her talk so coherently, so I gave her a hug and kiss and asked, "Do you know how much Daddy loves you?" She asked, "How much?" I said heaps and stacks. She asked again in a more questioning tone, "How much?" I replied "157," and she smiled and laughed.

I was so pleased to see her first smile. Our dear Symone is awakening in leaps and bounds.


Update Early Morning of July the 24th: A new section has been added to Symone's website - audio of her talking. Check back at this page often as it will be updated frequently. Click here to go to the audio page.


Update Evening of July the 23rd: It was another day of giant steps forward for Symone. Her speech was stronger and almost constant, although still hard to understand at times. She was having full conversations with people today, intelligent and to the point. She recognised visitors who came in to see her and said hi to them, sometimes addressing them by name. At one stage my mobile phone rang and it was Jaye on the line. I held up the phone to Symone's ear and she had a full on two way conversation with Jaye.

It was also a day of awakenings and awareness. She was re-evaluating her life, saying things like she spends too much money on jewellery, and she shouldn't let her Grandma clean the house without helping her. She began to have more awareness about the accident and she kept on saying she was sorry and she was such a loser and pathetic, beating herself up for being in the hospital. We reassured her that she was actually a very smart, strong young lady and it was only an accident, but in one sense these introspections are a realisation for her as she fell because she was fooling around and drinking at 3 in the morning. Then she said, "At least I'm still alive." Yes indeed. At least she's still alive and her introspection is wonderful to see and shows that her awareness of self and her life is returning. She talked about our house and her bedroom and computer and said, "I have the best of all things." At one stage, during a phase of reflection, she started crying and I told her how much I loved her. She reached out for a hug, said she loved me too, and actually gave me a proper kiss on the cheek, rather than a bite!

And speaking about biting, she still wanted to bite things today, and was still a little fidgety, her arms moving at times without control. We had to keep her hands off her feeding tube and keep it out of her mouth. Sometimes as she talked she seemed agitated and frustrated, trying as hard as she could to get the words out.

But all in all it was a great day as each day has been since she began her rapid reawakening. I talked about the accident and Symone's recovery on my Internet Radio Show today. You can download that hour segment by clicking here (20 megabyte mp3 file).   


Update Evening of July the 22nd: I dont know if its possible to get better by the hour rather than by the day but Symone certainly seems to be. She has improved this evening over what she was this afternoon. Her healing is just so rapid! She was talking so much this evening it's not possible to even report the things she was saying. All intelligent, relevant and to the point. She had several friends in this evening and she said she missed everyone and couldn't wait to "catch up again." We even noted her face becoming more expressionate this evening, and her voice having more tonality and emotion in it. One time while I was there my mobile phone rang and she asked it a real questioning tone, "Who is it?" It was Jaye. Symone was pleased it was her.

She is just doing so well. I will update more tomorrow.


Update Afternoon of July the 22nd: We just had a great few hours with Symone and I am constantly amazed at how fast she is progressing. She was calm and relaxed for almost the whole time with no hint of terror or agitation or being fidgety. The difference from two days ago was stunning. She still occasionally wants to bite things but nowhere near as much as before. Her mouth has almost completely cleared up and she is chewing and swallowing a lot better. I fed her a big lunch and she gave a huge burp after eating and drifted off to sleep for an hour.

We took her outside today in her wheelchair (more like a lounge chair on wheels!) to a courtyard with a pond and ducks. This was the first time she had been outside since the accident and she really seemed to like it, becoming quite bright and alert for the hour we were outside. She was very chatty while we were outside although we couldn't catch much of what she was saying as most of her speech is still in a faint whisper.

Some of the phrases we did catch, however, for the visit were: "I love you Dad," and "I miss Jaye." She said "Really?" when we told her about all the visitors we were getting to her website, and said "I am?" when we told her she was getting so much better. At one stage we told her about the accident again and asked if she knew why she was there, and she said, "Why?" We explained it to her again (her short term memory seems to be not too good as we have had to re-explain it to her several times now). Then she said "Sad," and had a little cry. We hugged each other as she cried. We explained to her again how well she was doing and she would get better in time and she said, "I want it to happen now." And to reinforce her seeming lack in her short term memory, we commented on all the friends who had been in to see her and she said, "I don't remember."

We also had a chat to one of the doctors who had been looking after her since the accident and he was very pleased with her progress. He said that the earlier fears they had about deep brain damage in the hypothalamus had pretty much faded because they saw no signs of any symptoms of that now. He said they were going to get her into a Rehabilitation centre as soon as they could, and then said he wouldn't be surprised to see her walking back into the hospital by herself in three months time.

We all wouldn't be surprised either!


Update Evening Of July the 21st: The visit with Symone tonight was awesome! We are seeing miracles happen before our very eyes! There's no other words to describe it. I went down with Jaye, her twin sister, and another family friend, Greg Albrecht. The difference in her from yesterday was remarkable. She was a lot calmer and nowhere near as fidgety as she had been, although she still had this tendency to want to bite things. And during our visit she was talking up a storm.

Jaye asked her if she knew who she was and Symone replied very clearly, in her regular voice, "Jaye." Jaye had tears in her eyes when she said that. Then a little while later she said to Symone, "I love you so much," and Symone replied very clearly, "I love you too." Then Symone started reaching out for hugs, in her still shaky movements, and we both had really long hugs with her. It was very moving.

Then she kept on saying, "I'm sorry." She must have said it 3-4 times and we told her she had nothing to be sorry about. It was an accident. We told her she would get better and at first she replied ,"No." We repeated it and then she asked "How?" We explained to her that her mind would heal all by itself in time and the doctors were helping her. Finally she accepted the reassurance we were giving her and said "OK."

I told Symone she had got some lovely flowers from a dear friend in Texas, Kathy Jefferies, and she said "Did I?" She was pleased and had recognition of the friend, even though the girls hadn't seen her for many years. Halfway through our visit, Symone said "I'm tired." She started yawning and rubbing her eyes. Then, at one time when she was trying to bite Jaye, Jaye said, "You cant bite me," and Symone said "Why not?" Jaye asked her if she was hurting and Symone replied, "Yes."

Finally, when we decided to leave so she could get some sleep, Symone said a really strange thing. She said "Ghost." Jaye asked her what she said and she said it again, "Ghost." Jaye asked her what she meant by that and she simply replied, "I said it." Then, as we were about to leave, she clearly didn't want us to go because she said  "Why are you leaving? Why are you doing this?" We kissed her goodbye and she closed her eyes.

It was a truly amazing visit and I now have no doubt that Symone will make a full recovery. By the way, she ate all her dinner again tonight. We are so proud of her. Go Symone!


Update Afternoon of July the 21st: Symone had another day of improvements. She was more alert and less fidgety today, although still biting her clothes and sheets. Remarkably, the look of terror had gone and was replaced with a look of frustration. Her Auntie Annie was stroking her forehead and temples and over her hair and that calmed her significantly. She is wearing her own tops now and she seems to like that. At one stage she went to put Jeff's fingers in her mouth and Jeff said, "You can't bite my fingers, honey." To which she replied loudly and clearly, "Yes I can."

Incidentally the source of her mouth irritation has been ascertained as being a case of Oral Thrush and left over damage from the trachea tubes. Mouth hygiene is what will fix it over time. Also, the reason why she is only whispering is because her trachea incision has not healed properly yet and is still leaking air through the hole in her throat. Once the healing happens she will be able to speak in more than a whisper and may be more inclined to speak more often.

Symone has been working with a Speech Pathologist since being in the new ward and the Pathologist says that her progress is surprisingly good. Today the Pathologist counted out her fingers, "1,2,3," and asked Symone what's next and Symone said, "Four." These are all excellent things to be occurring in such a short space of time - four weeks to the day now since the accident happened.

She received her helmut today but it didn't stay on her head long because she pulled it off. This is a bit of a concern because she will need to wear it once she gets up and mobile. However, it is possible that because she's healing so fast, they may just put her skull section back in again which is currently being stored in a freezer.

They do not plan to put her catheter back in, so today she is wearing diapers.


Update Morning of July the 21st: I just rang the hospital and they report that Symone is sitting up in a chair watching TV, still rather fidgety. She had a bit of a disaster last night though. After I left she began biting her feeding tube again and she bit it right off! They had to go and order another special attachment for it and that arrives this afternoon. Jeff and her Grandparents are visiting her this afternoon (with her tops in hand) and I go in this evening.

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"Your name is Symone Ruth Oates. I am your Daddy and I am here to help you"

"Step by step, day by day you will get better. Step by step your mind will heal."

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